Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Wed 8/12/2015

Well, a lot has happened in the last month! I'm going to try and cram about four or five blog posts into one, since there is a lot going on these days....

So back in August, Claire flew out to Santa Fe and found us a place. Then we packed up all our stuff into a 24-foot moving truck and drove it from California, across Arizona, to New Mexico, arriving safely in Santa Fe. We passed through a crazy lightning storm for about four hours in Arizona, which was without a doubt one of the most stressful driving experiences of my life!

Our moving truck valiantly got all of our stuff here safely, and then died. On the morning we were going to return the truck, the engine wouldn't turn over and it had to be towed away. Unfortunately, the rental agency didn't do a very good job of keeping track of WHERE they towed it. This turned into a bit of a nightmare, trying to locate the truck so that we could finally close out our contract. It took four days to finally get this thing out of our lives forever!

Our new place is great - it's got about twice the square footage as our old place (with cheaper rent than we were paying in the Bay Area!) and we have slowly been unpacking all our books and studio supplies and everything. It's within walking distance of downtown and tons of grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants, banks, etc. It's also close to a few bus lines, so we are finding it very easy to get around Santa Fe, even though everyone here thinks we are crazy for not having a car.

Webby was pretty freaked out by the move, and spent the first week hiding behind various appliances. She's slowly settling back into her old routine and spending more time out and about. Patty did much better with the move (an old pro!) and seemed to be very happy in the new house. She was hopping around, exploring her new space, lounging in the sun, enjoying her hay and veggie treats and generally acting very normal and well-adjusted. One morning, about a week after we arrived, however, she seemed a little lethargic and was only lightly munching on her treats instead of happily devouring them. She was drinking a bit of water but just seemed kind of sleepy. Claire and I went to a party at her Mom's house and when we returned four hours later, Patty was dead. :(

It's hard to tell if it was the shock of the move, or if it was just Patty's time to go. We like to think it was the latter. She was getting up there in age (8 years old!) and she almost slipped away a year or two ago, and was only brought back by a veterinarian's skill, so she might have been living on borrowed time as it was. Either way, she is now reunited with her beloved Selma. Patty was a very sweet bunny and she will be sorely missed. R.I.P.

Our whole first week here, Claire and I have been running around Santa Fe
getting various utilities turned on, setting up our bank account, getting our new driver's licenses, setting up a new P.O. Box (listed on the homepage!), etc. etc. etc. We finally got our internet connection working on Monday so I have been playing catch up ever since.

Ironically, after having spent a lot of money, time and energy getting out of California's Bay Area, Claire and I will be returning there this weekend to attend the wedding of some close friends. It'll be surreal traveling back to a place that feels more like home, but isn't any more. Hopefully when we fly BACK to New Mexico it'll start to feel more like home. I'm looking forward to getting settled in here.

Anyway, I created a new Santa Fe Flickr Album where I will be posting photos from my various adventures out here in the high desert!

P.S. Right before we left, I finished my 100 Watercolors illustration project. I released a 100 Watercolors book and eBook, which collect all 100 Watercolors and document the process and tools used to create these paintings. I am also selling some of the original paintings!

P.P.S. Jon Chad and I just released the seventh and final issue of our pinball zine Drop Target! It is currently available for online ordering.

Your Comics Will Love You Back! FREE eBook

Fri 7/3/2015

In preparation for my upcoming month of teaching at the CCA MFA in Comics program, I'm overhauling some of my old lectures.

While looking through everything, it seemed like a good time to make my old lecture notes, Your Comics Will Love You Back! available as a FREE eBook, over on

The notes have been available to read for free on this website for years, but I figure it'd be nice to make a PDF that people can pass around more easily, or enjoy on their eReaders. I feel like this also solves the requests I've had over the years, to put the book into print, which I have been reluctant to do because of the hassle of order fulfillment.

Anyway, if you know someone who is at the beginning of their journey into comics, maybe point them to this eBook. It's chock full of information about the first steps a cartoonist needs to take to draw, reproduce, distribute and promote their comics!

Here We Go Again

Sun 6/28/2015

Late last night I returned from two weeks in Vermont, where I was teaching summer workshops at The Center for Cartoon Studies. It was a busy stretch, with days spent teaching and nights being used to try and put together the last issue of Drop Target with Jon Chad. (NOTE: we did not get it done - it'll be available in early August!)

While I was gone, some big news auto-posted over on my illustration blog. My wife Claire and I are moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico at the end of July! The Bay Area is quickly becoming too expensive and Santa Fe seemed like a natural place to head next, since both of Claire's parents still live there. It's going to be an adventure! As you can see here, the packing process has already begun....

In between now and the move, I will be very busy teaching at the month-long intensive for the CCA Comics MFA program here in San Francisco. I'm looking forward to meeting a new group of students and to help them shape their thesis projects.

This is all to say that things might be pretty quiet around here until August, at which point we should be set up in our new place... wherever that may be!

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