Another Successful Kickstarter!

Sat 5/4/2019

Last week the Isle of Elsi Book One Kickstarter successfully funded. It was the biggest goal I had ever set out to achieve on that platform ($16,600) though not the most I've ever raised (the Basweood Kickstarter ended up at $21,444).

The campaign took a lot of concerted, sustained promotional effort on my part and ended up funding about 48 hours before the deadline. I learned a lot during this process, and I'm filling up a Google Doc with analysis, tips, tricks and pointers to hopefully make future endeavors of a similar sort go more smoothly. I'll be sharing these insights with my backers in various future updates.

Now that the funding window and its promotion is finally over, I'm super excited to be switching into production mode. This book will be my biggest-ever self-publishing project: a four-color (CMYK), offset, 144-page hardback book. Once I've completed that, it really will feel like I can self-publish anything.

Thanks to all the 288 backers for making this book a reality, and thanks to the many more people who helped me spread the word about this project. I can't wait to get these comics off the internet and into book form, so I can get them into the hands of my intended readers - KIDS!

DiNK 2019 - Table 307!

Tue 4/9/2019

This weekend (April 13th & 14th) I will be exhibiting at the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo (aka DiNK). You'll find me up on the third floor at table 307. I'll of course have all my Phase 7 and Phase 8 wares for sale, and I'll also be representing The Center for Cartoon Studies, and doing my best to promote the Isle of Elsi Kickstarter. This convention is the first time I've ever been invited to be a special guest, so I'm extra excited for this show!

It's going to be a busy weekend! In addition to selling comics at my table, I'll also be participating in three panels. I'll list all the info below, in case any attendees want to come check these out - they should be a lot of fun!

The Center for Cartoon Studies Alumni Roundtable - Saturday, April 13th @ 4:45pm in the Eisner Nook. I will be moderating this discussion with CCS alums Anna Sellheim, Bridget Comeau and Melanie Gillman!

Fun for All Ages: Creating Content in an Adult-Oriented Industry - Sunday, April 14th @ 12:45pm in the Eisner Nook. This panel will be moderated by Dan Crosier, and I will be discussing this topic along with Elisa Sargent, Faith Erin Hicks, and Chad Sell.

Workshop: Pirates and Dragons! - Sunday, April 14th @ 3:00pm in the The Creative Space. Aaron Renier and I will be running this workshop for kids. Come draw some dragons with me!!!

If you are in the Denver area, do not miss this show! There are going to be hundreds of amazing indie cartoonists all in one spot. It's gonna be an absolute blast.

The Isle of Elsi Book One Kickstarter is LIVE!

Tue 4/2/2019

For the last three years I have been working super hard on my free fantasy adventure webcomic for kids, Isle of Elsi.

Today I launched a Kickstarter campaign to collect the first three stories into a 144-page hardback book.

I'm so excited to finally get these comics into book form so that it's easier to share them with my intended audience... kids!

The stories are in the same vein as Basewood, but lighthearted, with more jokes and a much nicer dragon :) There's also wizards, magic, talking wolves and lots of silly wordplay.

I'm just one person trying to reach this big goal, so I appreciate any and all help spreading the word about this project. Thanks for checking it out!

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