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Mon 9/25/2017

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2017This week I will be heading out to Columbus, Ohio for Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, a four-day comics festival (September 28 - October 1). On Thursday and Friday I'll be attending some of the amazing programming and then on Saturday and Sunday I'll be exhibiting at the CXC Expo along with my dear, dear comics friends Aaron Renier and Nicole J. Georges. I'll also have a bunch of cool free stuff from The Center for Cartoon Studies. If you are in the area, come find us! It is going to be fun.

In other news, my blogging output on this, my personal website, is at an all-time low. This is my 8th post of 2017, clocking in at just under one post a month. My time is so limited these days, most of my blogging output has moved to other platforms. I'm posting photos from my life each day on Instagram (which automatically repost in my old Flickr account), I write twice-weekly posts about my comics process for my $2+ Patreon supporters, and I'm occasionally posting original thoughts on Twitter, though with the current nightmarish political climate, usually I'm just retweeting other peoples' thoughts and links to resources. I do have a list of thoughts/ideas that would make better long-form posts, but at this point I wonder if/when I'll ever have time to write them!

Who knows how long I can keep all this up, as my time seems to be getting more and more limited every day. Suzanne keeps learning and growing (she's walking! she can kind of talk a little bit!), plus we've got this old house to work on and plenty of chores to keep things moving around here. Sometimes I just want to delete everything online and live "IRL." Maybe someday....

Super Rabbit!

Wed 7/12/2017

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Roger Rabbit was secretly a super hero? WELL NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT!!!

In 5th grade, I drew a Roger Rabbit fan-fiction comic for my 5th grade English class, when I was 12. It's called Super Rabbit and I just posted the whole thing over in the comics section of this site.

This was the project that culminated from a debate with my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Shoemaker, about whether or not comics counted towards my class's reading requirements. You can read more about this struggle and my eventual victory on pages 8 and 9 of Phase 7 #010.

This comic went on to win a blue ribbon at a local art competition. For the event, my mother had the whole comic framed - all six pages mounted under a giant piece of glass. This was great, because they have been preserved these 25 years, but this week I figured out a better use for that frame, and so decided to carefully remove them so I could scan and post them here.

I hope you enjoy checking out one of my earliest cartooning efforts, and probably my first-ever finished comic!

East Coast Adventure!

Fri 7/7/2017

Well, last weekend I returned home after two weeks on the East Coast. Claire and Suzanne joined me for the first leg of the trip, which took us over to Portland, Maine to visit our old pal Liz Prince.

Then Claire and Suzanne drove with me over to White River Junction, Vermont so Suzanne could meet some of my friends there. I uploaded a bunch of photos from our trip into a new Flickr album.

After a few days in Vermont, Claire and Suzanne headed back to Maine to fly home to Santa Fe, while I stayed put to teach two weeks of summer workshops at The Center for Cartoon Studies.

I'm happy to report that I survived teaching my new animation course for the first time! There were a few hiccups, but I had an excellent group of students who stuck with me and they all ended up creating some amazing work during an intense week of drawing. You can see some of their projects on this Tumblr that I set up to showcase their work. I definitely learned a lot by teaching this material for the first time and I'm already excited to teach it again next year with a number of improvements.

I'm very thankful that I get to be home for the rest of the summer, spending time with Claire and Suzanne and chipping away at all my various projects.

After spending so much time amongst friends back East I was feeling kind of isolated out here in Santa Fe, so I... I set up an instagram account? My thought was that a lot of my friends are on there, and it might make me feel more connected to what is going on in their lives, but for now it's just causing me a lot of "social media stress." It's been a while since I had to join a new platform. Ugh...

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. Stay cool, everybody!

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