Phase 7 #019 is inked!

Fri 9/19/2014

Tonight I finished inking Phase 7 #019 - Weezer Fan: Part Three. It's going to be a long weekend in front of the computer, touching up files and adding gray tones to everything. Then, on Monday I'm sending the files off to the printer.

This means that I will most assuredly have the book for the Alternative Press Expo October 4th and 5th in San Francisco, and more importantly, the issue will be in the Phase Seven Subscribers' hands and available for ordering online before the new Weezer album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, is released on October 7th!

It took me 816 days (or 2 years, 2 months and 25 days) to draw the 90 pages of comics in Weezer Fan: Parts One, Two and Three. That's one finished, penciled and inked page, about every nine days. It took me 2,868 days (or 7 years, 10 months and 7 days) to draw the 204 pages of comics in Basewood. That's one finished, penciled and inked page, about every fourteen days. So I'm now working about a third faster than I did on Basewood, which feels good. I've got some more ideas about how I can improve my cartooning efficiency and speed, which I'm going to try out on the next issue of Phase 7. I'd like to speed up my process so that pages take about half as much time as they did on Basewood. Anyway, I'll report back here with my findings!

Well, it's time to switch into production mode. I know this issue has been a long time coming, so I appreciate everyone's patience. I can't wait to share the rest of my Weezer story with everyone! I'll post here when it's ready to order!

SPX 2014

Thu 9/11/2014

SPX 2014When I got home from Santa Fe on Monday, I unpacked all my clothes, but I did not put away my suitcase! Oh no, I left it out, because I knew tonight I would fill that thing right back up with comics and then lug them out to Bethesda, Maryland this weekend for the Small Press Expo. SPX remains my favorite comics show of the year. Even in my current, extremely burned out state, I am pretty excited for this show. There are going to be so many great new comics there.

I'll be at tables N1 and N2 all weekend long, along with my friends Greg Means and MK Reed, who will be promoting their book The Cute Girl Network and our pal Jason Shiga, who is nominated for two Ignatz Awards for his mind-bending webcomic, Demon.

I'll have copies of Basewood, Songs From the Basewood, Phase 7 (sorry, I decided not to finish Weezer Fan: Part Three for this show), Drop Target Zine (including the brand new issue 6!) and Claire's Terrible Movie Nights zine (including the brand new issue 3!). So much fun stuff! If you're in the Washington D.C. area this weekend, please swing by and say hello! You won't regret it.

Wedding Celebration

Wed 9/10/2014

WeezerWeddingClaire and I got back from Santa Fe, New Mexico yesterday. We spent the weekend there celebrating our marriage with a whole bunch of our friends and family. When we got married at city hall last year we knew we wanted to have a bigger celebration, but I don't think we knew how meaningful and fun it would be!

It was really amazing for me to have so many people from different phases of my life, all in the same place; talking to each other! My old pal Gabe officiated the ceremony, which was very moving but also somehow filled with a lot of laughter.

The biggest surprise of the evening came after the ceremony and after dinner and cupcakes when suddenly I was asked to come over to the dance floor. Unbeknownst to me, superfriend Liz Prince had invited Dave Jordan and his rock band to set up at our wedding, and they had specially prepared six Weezer songs for me to sing (!!!?!) I jumped on the mic and we blasted through My Name Is Jonas, Buddy Holly, You Gave Your Love To Me Softly, Undone (The Sweater Song), Susanne and Say It Ain't So. Nate Beaty took the picture above, which does a great job of capturing how crazy everyone went. It was totally nuts!

I've never been in a real rock band that plays live before. It was pretty magical - like karaoke times infinity. I just about passed out from lack of air (the venue was at 8,000+ feet) and I fumbled on the lyrics here and there, but the crowd full of friends all had my back, singing along with me. In the end it came off pretty well. It made an already incredible night totally unforgettable!

Now that I'm back home, I'm desperately trying to catch up with everything, but it's not going well. I leave again on Friday for SPX so I may have to wait until I get back from that show for things to finally start calming down a bit. It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

Well anyway, thanks to everyone who helped make our wedding celebration so wonderful. Claire and I will have happy memories of it for the rest of our lives together!

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