A Very CCS July!

Tue 7/2/2019

This week I'm heading back to White River Junction, Vermont for my fourteenth consecutive year being a faculty member of the summer workshops at The Center for Cartoon Studies.

This will be the third summer I've taught my Introduction to Hand-Drawn Animation workshop. It's so much fun for me to share my love of animation for a week, and it's always great seeing the work that the students create. I'm very lucky this summer to have current CCS student Tim Patton as a teaching assistant. Together we're gonna help the students get their drawings moving!

As part of my work as CCS's Director of Academic Outreach, I'm also helping CCS run their first-ever Kickstarter campaign this month. The goal is to raise $6,000 to help take their new comic book, This Is What Democracy Looks Like, out on a tour to share it with high school students around the USA. This project uses the power of comics to clarify how our government works, and the workshops will help empower young people to get involved at the local level.

It's projects like these, which I really believe in, which make it very rewarding to work for CCS!

It's Been So Long!

Wed 6/19/2019

Earlier this year my all-time favorite band, Weezer, released their 2019 fan club exclusive 7" single, "It's Been So Long." I had the honor of illustrating the entire art package for this project!

I wrote a super in-depth process post about the creation of the illustrations over on my illustration blog. And then recently I was interviewed by John Carroll to talk about the song and the creation of the 7" art package on his excellent Post-Pinkerton Podcast. You can stream the episode right here:

We also talk about my book Weezer Fan, which was how John got introduced to my work. It was a lot of fun being on the podcast, and hopefully I can return in future episodes to talk about other songs!

If anyone out there would like to purchase a copy of this 7" record, the only way to get it is to join the weezer fan club. Get in there!!

Another Successful Kickstarter!

Sat 5/4/2019

Last week the Isle of Elsi Book One Kickstarter successfully funded. It was the biggest goal I had ever set out to achieve on that platform ($16,600) though not the most I've ever raised (the Basweood Kickstarter ended up at $21,444).

The campaign took a lot of concerted, sustained promotional effort on my part and ended up funding about 48 hours before the deadline. I learned a lot during this process, and I'm filling up a Google Doc with analysis, tips, tricks and pointers to hopefully make future endeavors of a similar sort go more smoothly. I'll be sharing these insights with my backers in various future updates.

Now that the funding window and its promotion is finally over, I'm super excited to be switching into production mode. This book will be my biggest-ever self-publishing project: a four-color (CMYK), offset, 144-page hardback book. Once I've completed that, it really will feel like I can self-publish anything.

Thanks to all the 288 backers for making this book a reality, and thanks to the many more people who helped me spread the word about this project. I can't wait to get these comics off the internet and into book form, so I can get them into the hands of my intended readers - KIDS!

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