R.I.P. Blog (2004-2021)

Fri 12/31/2021

Well, after eighteen years of blogging, I'm throwing in the towel. This is my 839th post, bringing the average to about 46 posts a year. In reality, I posted once or twice a week for the first eight years, and then went down to once or twice a month for the last decade (even less when my kids arrived).

Over these 18 years I've seen the sharing of personal writing and photos go from zines, to blogs, to various social media platforms. Each passing year I find it less and less enjoyable to be online, and wish I could just delete all my various accounts. Alas, as a self-publisher, if I do not promote my new projects, no one will know about them, so social media seems like a necessary evil, at least for the time being.

This website is long overdue for a redesign, which will be happening in 2022. I plan to have a "news" section, where I will be able to announce projects, without feeling the need to talk too much about my personal life. I'm also hoping to be able to gather together these 18 years of blog posts into a book, even if just to print a single copy for myself.

If you somehow feel bummed about the death of this blog, here are some places I am currently active online:

  • Patreon - I write a monthly blog post for my Patreon supporters about my process for creating Isle of Elsi, including reviews of books, behind the scenes posts, podcast interviews with other creators, etc. It costs $1/month.
  • Instagram (Personal) - In my personal instagram account I post photos from my life (it's like my Flickr account circa 2007).
  • Instagram (Animation) - In my animation instagram account I post "work in progress" updates and final exports from my little animation projects.
  • The Phase Seven Comics Newsletter - Once or twice a year I write a newsletter that sums up everything I have been working on recently.

Anyway, thanks to all my past blog readers for your comments over the years! This always felt like an uncommonly respectful, supportive corner of the internet.

Your Fade by E.C. Bolster

Wed 12/15/2021

Your Fade: The Corner of Safe and Never Made It by E.C. Bolster is now available for ordering!

I published this collection of 21 poems through my Phase Eight Publishing imprint. I try to publish one P8 book a year, but I couldn't manage it in 2020 because of all my extra childcare duties and pandemic work stress. This year I was enjoying E.C. Bolster's poetry in her instagram account and when I reached out, she was excited about making a collection of her poems, so we put it together. It's out in 2021 right at the buzzer!

On the book's webpage you can find a few sample poems, a video preview of the book, and ordering information for physical copies ($6) or a PDF eBook ($0+).

I'm very excited about this book and I hope to publish other poetry collections in the future. Check it out!

Isle of Elsi Adventures!

Thu 9/9/2021

Like so many other authors who had a new book come out during the pandemic (or just before it), I am so disappointed that I have not been able to get out and promote Isle of Elsi: The Dragon's Librarian (Book One). I got the book back from the printers in late 2019, and was signed up to exhibit at three shows, all of which were canceled. I did my best to promote and sell the book online during the pandemic, but with my kids home 24x7 and high levels of life/work stress, I didn't make much progress.

I was more productive at my drawing table, where I hunkered down every morning, drawing a page a week. I am only a few months away from finishing the 164 pages of comics that will make up Book Two. But not being able to exhibit at shows has caused two big problems: 1) I have not been able to sell many copies of Book One and 2) I have not been able to promote Book One.

The Kickstarter for Book One funded by the skin of its teeth, in the last 48 hours of the campaign. My hope was that by exhibiting at shows and getting those books into peoples' hands, I would build up my audience, and have an easier time raising funds for Book Two. But right now it feels like I'm still back at square one. The thought of launching a Book Two Kickstarter in early 2022 fills me with dread. Plus I physically do not have the space to store Book Two without first moving more copies of Book One. So what to do?

Well, after a bunch of self-publishing soul searching, I've decided to begin serializing Isle of Elsi in a comic book called Isle of Elsi Adventures! Over the next year I will self-publish the contents of Book Two over five issues, with the hope that sending these out through the mail will help me build that readership that I have missed out on and in turn, promote Book One. I'm also hoping it will help get these comics into the hands of young readers (the intended "middle grade" audience, ages 8-12). The comics are all available and free to read on isleofelsi.com but kids have been so maxed out on screen time during all this madness, it seems like print is a better way to go.

I set up a Preorder Pack which allows people to sign up for issues #1-5, which will be mailed out as they become available. If you know a kid who would like to get some comics in the mail, please consider sharing this with them.

It's all an experiment, but one I'm very excited about! Even after the first five issues are done, I hope I can keep releasing future issues to get chunks of the webcomic in print.

Sorry I only seem to blog these days when I'm selling something. Maybe I should go back to monthly posts in 2022... I'm so burned out on social media right now! Anyway, I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying safe.

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