Attack of the Killer SIDE PROJECTS!!!

Sun 7/10/2005

It was kind of a crazy week here in New York. Somehow I got BLIND-SIDED by a bunch of side projects. So suddenly I went from being pretty busy to being REALLY busy. It feels like all this stuff came out of NOWHERE, but I guess that's not exactly true... Some of them I knew were coming, it's just that they all arrived at the same time! And others I sought out and one just sort of fell in my lap!

There is really a RANGE too. One I'm doing for free because I'm excited about the project and want to contribute, two are small projects that I'm getting paid for, and one could conceivably take MONTHS and I could get paid THOUSANDS of dollars to do (???!)

Sorry I'm being so VAGUE, but I had to sign a non-disclosure form for one and the "big one" is still in the works, so I don't want to say much about it until it's been finalized. It's exciting though! It makes me feel like I MIGHT actually be able to pull off this whole "making a living as an artist" thing. Woo!

I'll report back with more details as they are available!

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