Humidity = EVIL

Mon 7/18/2005

In the beginning there was the East Coast.
And Satan said, "Let there be humidity" and there was humidity.
And it was NOT GOOD.

It was in the high 80s today with some ungodly percentage of humidity (is it possible to get MORE than 100%?) It has been this way for almost a WEEK now and it is slowly but surely KILLING ME. Call me a "wimp" or whatever, but I am simply not built for this. Walking to work, standing on the subway platform, trying to eat my lunch in the park -- it's like I'm sweating part of my SOUL out or something.

It's funny because I KNEW it was going to get really bad out here this summer, but in June when we had a few bad days I thought, "Well THIS isn't so bad. I can make it through THIS!" I guess I didn't realize it was just a "warm-up" (YES. DEAL) THANK CHRIST I BOUGHT MY AIR CONDITIONER. If I could go back in time and give myself a high-five that night, I would do it.

I am officially counting the days until I get to go home to Seattle (or "Heaven on Earth") where I'll be able to walk around outside without wanting to kill myself.

What's the deal with all the biblical references in this post anyways???

So I finished Harry Potter 6 last night at 2am. It was SERIOUSLY intense. I was crying straight through the last three chapters or so. It took me half an hour to try and calm down after it was over, so I could go to sleep. I was tired all day at work, but it was worth it. OH MAN I CAN'T EVEN WAIT FOR BOOK SEVEN. But I have to... We ALL do... : ( It really is going to be the craziest book EVER. And then it will be all over... Man...

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I know what you mean. I'm in Canada, ONTARIO, I mean, aren't we supposed to have winter all year round? I don't freakin think so! 100+ degrees in the summer with at least 80% humidity is typical around the capital. I can't freakin believe it, there's more water in the air than there is in the ocean.

Jaja Jul21

Yeah, it's funny. I could almost just CUT and PASTE this entire blog entry. The heat and humidity is once again draining my soul this summer. I really don't know how people can live like this...

Alec Jul21

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