A-L.com 4.0 !!!

Wed 8/10/2005

Well, as I'm sure most of you have noticed, version 4.0 of alec-longstreth.com has gone live. This is all thanks to the hard work of my amazingly talented friend Nate over at Clixel Design. And the main crazy thing (besides the new look) is that everyone can now post COMMENTS about all of my blog entries past and present.

So if there's something you wanted to say about something I wrote, you can now go back through the ARCHIVES and comment on it. And then the latest comments will appear here on the front page of the blog. It should make the site a lot more "fun" to visit, but I'm almost scared to learn all of the people who are reading my blog! Oh well, the can of worms is OPEN.

Anyways, the site will probably make a few more small changes over the coming days/weeks so hopefully it'll get better and better! WOOO!!!

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