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Fri 8/12/2005

I thought I might wait until I got back to New York to write about this trip, but I'm starting to get a bit antsy, so I think writing now will help me mentally prepare for my return to New York.

Don't get me wrong, I'm having a great time! But at this point I can only be away from my drawing table for so long before I start to feel anxious... I'll probably be bitching and moaning about the heat once I am back in New York though, so I should enjoy the West Coast while I can!

As you can see from this picture it has been BEAUTIFULLY overcast and chilly here in Seattle, to the point where I have been able to wear JEANS and my HOODIE. It is a nice reminder that Autumn (my FAVORITE season) is just around the corner. I can not WAIT for Autumn in New York. *sigh*

Anyways, it was a bit hotter in Portland when I went down last weekend. (PDX is usally 10 degrees hotter than Seattle in the summer and 10 degrees colder in the Winter). I had a totally awesome time at the Portland Zine Symposium where I distributed 100 copies of The Dvorak Zine. That should take us one step closer to world domination! I also sold and traded a BUNCH of copies of PHASE 7.

The BEST part though was getting to see all my old Portland friends and also making some NEW ones! I stayed with Nate the first night and we had this really relaxing evening going to a Barbeque with his girlfriend, Soon-Bok. I had a momentary panic attack when we got there, like "WAIT. IT'S NIGHT. I SHOULD BE DRAWING." But then I realized my drawing table was 3,000 miles away and I calmed down and had a really good time.

The symposium had no assigned seating this year, so I got to set up and hang out with all my friends! Bwana Spoons was there and Keith Rosson, plus I got to chat a bunch with Greig (AKA Clutch McBastard) who is such a great guy. Also Nate was late to show up so I shared my table for the first part of the day with Dave Roche who I had never really hung out with.

Then Saturday night I met up with Grizzo (who lives in PDX) and Frunch and Gwyn who had driven up from Stanford!!! Frunch and Gwyn were celebrating their one year wedding anniversary, so it was cool to be reunited in Portland, where it all happened in the first place. WOO!

It has been strange being back in Seattle, but it was REALLY strange being back in Portland. Nostalgia was running high! But it was good to see it and to know that it is still there and still a great place to live. If I can ever figure out this illustration / comics artist thing I think I might move back there someday to try and settle down...

Anyways, back in Seattle I have been hanging out with my Dad a lot. He actually took a few days off of work (?!) so we spent a day SHOPPING (????!) where I fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally got NEW SHOES. We also went on a nice hike down to Puget Sound at Discovery Park (where the photo above was taken).

Galen and her boyfriend Duane came out to Seattle a few days after I did and we have been going running in the mornings, swimming in the lake, watching movies, eating nice meals with my parents and fiddling with her new computer, trying to get it all set up for her to use. It's been really awesome.

To stay "grounded" I've been working on a skateboarding comic for the next issue of Sidewalk Bump and also drawing a bunch in my sketchbook. Also, I finally made the switch to being left-handed for all my writing, since my drawing hand sometimes gets stiff when I draw a lot and I REALLY don't want to get tendonitis. So I've also been writing a BUNCH of slow, sloppy, left-handed letters.

All-in-all it's been a great trip back to Seattle. It had been a whole YEAR since I had been back in the Northwest, so it feels good to be here. It's also nice to get the hell out of New York City for a few days. It feels so quiet and spacious and calm here. But like I said, it'll be good to get back to the city... I'm going to have a few days when I get back to crank out some Basewood pages, finish up the Dvorak Zine Website, and then it's back to SCHOOL with me (??!) We'll see how it goes...

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hey, it was great seeing you for a few moments. i had fun at the BBQ myself (after a very similar panic-attack of not drawing -- but of course, we both dorked out afterall and sketched all night on the porch).

anyhoo, just wanted to note that Keith has his own site now http://keithrosson.com/ and Dave Roche spells his name "Roche"

i'm sure you're stoked people can now post corrections as comments. yee-haw!

nate Aug13

Fixed and fixed. Thanks Nate! I should've known Keith had a site and how pathetic is it that I misspelled Dave's name, after looking him up on the Microcosm site? SO pathetic!

It'll only be a matter of time before my mom starts posting spelling corrections (instead of EMAILING them to me)

Alec Aug13

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