Return to New York

Fri 8/19/2005

Well, I'm back in New York. And somehow I managed to bring the mild weather of the Pacific Northwest with me (THANK GOD). It has been in the high 70s (still with humidity-- but nothing to complain about!) and it even RAINED today, so hopefully Autumn is on its way...

Anyways, I have been busy busy busy since I got back. For some odd reason, I have had REVERSE jet lag, where I wake up WIDE-EYED and ALERT each morning at 7am (which is 4AM West Coast time !?!). So I have been getting a lot done.

I cleaned my room, got groceries, did laundry, went to the bank, wrote some left-handed letters, ordered and set up a new bed frame and box spring for my room, gave myself a haircut, printed out and mailed the back-order of Dvorak Zines, drew and colored some new illustrations for the BLOG ARCHIVES: ( 2004 / 2005 / 2006 ), finished up another paying Illustration gig for the Grantmakers in the Arts publication (to be posted in September once it sees print!) and FINALLY posted my portrait of BOB which was one of the top secret projects from before I left. I also managed to catch up with a few of my friends and I've only been back for like TWO DAYS! Phew!

I'm frantically trying to get as much stuff as possible done, since I'm expecting my free time to pretty much VANISH once school starts... That means finishing up my skateboarding comic for Sidwalk Bump #2, finalizing the Dvorak Zine Website, getting my cover submission together for The New Yorker, printing up minicomics for the Small Press Expo, doing my 5th 24-hour comic and then trying to make as much headway as I can with my Second Cardboard Chair and BASEWOOD: Chapter Two.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining... I think I just want to get it all typed out so that I know what I need to do. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks!

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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? Man, that movie looks awesome! How was it?

greg Aug20

*sigh* It's not my fault! I had been drawing all morning (since 7am!) and I really needed to take a break and rest my drawing hand and my housemate Kelly was going to start the movie...

It was BAD. I guess it's been a while since I watched a non-animated DISNEY movie, but it was this really bizarre mix of bad over-acting, 2-dimensional archetypical characters, RIDICULOUS plot, horrible diaglogue, bizarre video-game-esque dream sequences and an obnoxious girl in the lead!

Never again!

Alec Aug21

I'm confused, where did greg get the reference to a Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?

nate Aug24

It was posted on the ever changing FRONT PAGE under "INPUT: MOVIES"

Alec Aug24

It was on the front page but truthfully I'm always thinking about Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen anyway and how awesome it must be. So sometimes I just randomly ask people what they think of it.

Greg Aug24

Well at least we know what to get you for your birthday Clutch!

Alec Aug24

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