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Sun 8/28/2005

Well, as I'm sure most of you guessed, I didn't get EVERYTHING done that I wanted to this week... but I guess that's life. I also got SICK for a few days there, which didn't really help. I definitely put some big dents in my to-do list though, including a bunch of stuff that I have been putting off for MONTHS. So that feels good.

I start school tomorrow which is both exciting and nervewracking at the same time. I'm going to be BUSY, but I think it is going to be GOOD. Here are my classes for the first semester:

  • Figure Drawing I
  • Typographic Design
  • Painting I
  • General Drawing I
  • History of Illustration
  • Illustration I
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Light, Color & Design

Classes only meet once a week, but they are each 3 hours long, so that should be interesting. I'm also really curious to see what HOMEWORK looks like for Art School. I'll probably wait until the first week is over to weigh-in on how it all went... So you'll hear from me again by the end of the week!

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I noticed that on the front page, School is listed in the output column. Is school really output? Isn't it more of an input really? I guess you are creating stuff while there, but it seems (from the teacher's perspective, of course) that school might be more input . . . Hmmm . . . thoughts?

Tom Taylor Aug30

I see your point Tom. School is DEFINITELY an "Input" but I sort of use that front page to let people know what I'm working on. So insead of having "INPUT: I'm learning about Illustration!" I can have "OUTPUT: Here is an Illustration I did!" and then link to it. Also, the "SCHOOL" icon used to say "WORK" because going to school is kind of like my JOB now...

I was thinking about my INPUT/OUTPUT model and VIDEO GAMES the other day too... Where would those fall (If I played them)? On one hand it's "output" because you are trying to beat a game and you are working at it, but it's also "input" because you are being entertained... I think it falls into that creepy middle-state of not really getting anything done, but not really taking a break either, where it just EXISTS and eats up time. Blech! That's probably why I don't play video games...

Alec Aug30

Awesome picture, that's pretty classy to be able to say that you're going to the Pratt Institute.

Oh, also: I really enjoyed the War story you put up on the site. It should have gotten in the SPX anthology, did you submit anything this year?

Nothing says "classy" like a LIGHTSABER!!! (photo by the GCB)

Unfortunately the deadline for this year's SPX anthology landed right in the middle of me trying to get the Dvorak Zine done for MoCCA. I really wanted to contribute though! Maybe next year...

Alec Sep01

I know quite a few people that did submit stories and not get in this time around. Joey and Drew, were both in it last year and submitted stories this year but didn't get in.

So it goes... In 2002, for the biography-themed SPX anthology, Aaron's Ghost Of Carolyn Keene and Nate's biography of Jack Nance BOTH made it in. And I think they were HOUSEMATES at the time! But I don't think they've been in since. I guess you just have to keep trying!

Alec Sep02

I don't understand. Did you bring the lightsaber with you just for the photo or were you worried about a possible jedi throwdown with the school bully?

Greg Sep06

This picture was taken back in May when I carried my lightsaber on my belt EVERYWHERE for the entire month. But maybe I SHOULD bring it to school with me...

"There's no subtlety the composition of your--*"

Alec Sep06

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