One week, ONE YEAR (?!)

Sat 9/3/2005

Well, I've completed my first week of "ART SCHOOL." All-in-all I'd have to say that it went pretty well... I was a little worried because orientation last week was really AWFUL, but luckily most of my classes are really great! So that was reassuring. (I've actually heard that about Pratt from a few different people--that the administration is horribly disorganized and impossible to deal with, but the teachers and classes are totally awesome). So far that seems to be the case!

The most suprising thing, I think, is the SIZE of the classes. The program is REALLY small. My "biggest" class only has TEN people in it. Don't get me wrong--that's AWESOME--we all get a lot of time and attention from the teachers, but I guess I was just expecting it to be a much larger program! The students are really diverse, coming from as close as Brooklyn or as far away as KOREA, a wide range of ages and a good mix of ethnicities. ALL of my teachers are white however, and most of them are male. There seem to be more males in a lot of my classes as well. :{

I'm most excited about Figure Drawing, which I consider to be my most important class (the teacher seems strict but in a GOOD WAY where I will learn A LOT), PAINTING (which I have never done!) and Illustration where we spend most of the class brainstorming ideas for illustrations (my favorite part of the process!). Also we're covering Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in my computer class, which are the programs I really wanted to know more about.

Most classes assign projects for outside of class which are supposed to take about 3 hours to do each, so I've been trying to get back into a good homework schedule. I've also had to spend a RIDICULOUS ammount of money on art supplies this week. It's kind of nervewracking, but I guess they will serve me well, even after school... I'll try to post pictures of some of my drawings and paintings once they are complete!

Okay, and then on a total side-note, today is September 3rd, 2005. Which means that I have been living in New York City for ONE WHOLE YEAR now. ??! That seems crazy to me, not only because I've been living in NEW YORK CITY (of all places!) for a whole year, but also because I have STAYED PUT in one place for a year. Let's hope I stick with it!

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