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Tue 9/13/2005

As some of you might have seen in the comments, PHASE 7 has been nominated for OUTSTANDING MINICOMIC in this year's Ignatz Awards!!! I'm SO HONORED to have been nominated for this award. Especially since I didn't even ENTER my comic, they just chose me! So anyone going to SPX this year should pick up a ballot and vote for PHASE 7!

On a similar topic, I've been gearing up for another round of PRINTING MADNESS. The Dvorak Zine got a great distribution offer from Microcosm Publishing, so I had to whip up a huge batch of zines for them, and I also need to restock for the rapidly approaching Small Press Expo. Yikes!!! Suddenly all of my spare time is being gobbled up by printing, folding, stamping and stapling.

The other main thing on my mind these days (besides SCHOOL) is AUTUMN. Namely, WHERE IS IT??? I mean, COME ON! We're READY already! SCHOOL is back in session--there are GIANT THRONGS of obnoxiously loud teenagers clogging the morning and afternoon subways. And I've been wearing PANTS for a week now (to try and MAKE Autumn happen) but it might get up to 90 today, which really SUCKS. It's time for RAIN and pretty orange leaves in Central Park and sweaters and hoodies and jeans and raincoats and warm hats and winter coats. LET'S GET A MOVE ON HERE AUTUMN. *sigh*

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"The panel for the 2005 Ignatz Jury are Jennifer Daydreamer, Shaenon Garrity, James Kochalka, Jeff Parker and Dan Zettwoch."

Hooray for the nominating panel for getting it right. Now it's up to us SPX-goers to make sure Alec walks away with the brick. Rock the vote!

greg Sep13


You have my vote, see you there!

jp Sep13

Super, super awesome! I will make sure to vote this time around at SPX!!

Congratulations Alec!! That's AWESOME!!

Laura Sep14

Not to a troublemaker around here but what does Aaron think of that picture you're using of him on your new links page?

And, by the way, I like your still life oil painting. It's better than I could ever do. Quite pretty in fact. So there!

greg Sep15

I think it's HORRIBLE out of context! I thought you were going to use my Darth Renier picture! USE IT LOONGSTRETH!

aaron Sep15

Use WHAT???

I should note too that I need to add some more people to the "Comics Friend" catagory. It's going to get tricky though... I don't want it to get all crazy, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings either... I think if I actually HANG OUT with people then they get a link!

Alec Sep15

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