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Fri 9/16/2005

Okay, really quick, there are some things I have to bring to everyone's attention because they are all TOTALLY AWESOME:

#1) GABE'S BLOG - if you haven't been keeping up with it, you SHOULD because he's wandering all over THE WORLD having awesome adventures and uploading TONS of amazing pictures. The only potential problem here is soul-crushing jealousy.

#2) AARON'S BUS - AARON DREW AN ENTIRE BUS. For the Oregon Coast Aquarium. And it is really one of the coolest things ever drawn, EVER. I want to ride on this bus. But ALAS, it is in Oregon.

#3) CORPSE BRIDE. I went to go see it. It was REALLY good. The art of stop-motion animation has been taken to a whole new amazing level. And there was something EQUALLY amazing and exciting BEFORE the movie.......

#4) THE NEW TRAILER FOR "HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE!!!" Holy crap, I'm REALLY flipping out about this. Mad-Eye Moody? Cho Chang? Rita Skeeter? LORD VOLDEMORT??? This movie is going to be TOTALLY INSANE! I mean, they'll NEVER be able to get everything from the fourth book into the movie, but from the looks of the new trailer, they're trying to get as much in there as they can!!! I'm SOOOOOOOO excited to see this film!!!

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That bus is amazing. I don't think Corpse Bride has made it down south yet, glad to hear it is good.

I like that you are posting your school projects. That illustrator piece is cool. I especially like the vat of toxic waste.

greg Sep19

Thanks Greg! Yeah, I'm going to try and get up AT LEAST one assignment per week so everyone can see what "ART SCHOOL" is like and what I'm working on. And hopefully I'll start showing some improvement too!

Alec Sep19

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