Rejection #1!

Wed 9/21/2005

I was at my drafting table this afternoon, working on some illustration homework, when suddenly Ilana burst into my room jumping up and down with a big 9" x 12" padded envolpe addressed to me from THE NEW YORKER. ??!

See, one of things I FINALLY accomplished before school started was to assemble and mail in my unsolicited COVER SUBMISSION to the New Yorker.

As you can see here, I got a very nice REJECTION note from the art director, Francois Mouly (co-editor of RAW and wife of Art Spiegelman!) I think it's REALLY exciting, for a few reasons:

  • It's supposed to take TWO MONTHS for them to respond, but this only took THREE WEEKS!

  • It says on the website that they DO NOT return any artwork or submission materials, but they sent me back my portfolio and print-outs!

  • She scratched out the form rejection and hand-wrote "Very nice work" (!!?!)
Anyways, I'm pretty excited about it, even though it's a rejection. You're only supposed to bug them twice a year, so six months from now I'll send in another submission. And really, a lot of the samples I sent this time are from old issues of PHASE 7, which are pretty subpar. In six months I'll have a whole SLEW of better illustrations from my classes and assignments. So my second rejection will be even better!

Hmmm... I'm probably not going to have another chance to post before I head off to SPX. I'm REALLY busy. I think I might actually have to pull an all-nighter tomorrow, which is a LITTLE disappointing, seeing as how I'm only in my FIRST MONTH of school... (ugh) I'm skipping my Friday classes for SPX, so I need to do the IN-CLASS work for those in addition to my HOMEwork. Plus I'm going to be GONE all weekend, so I'm going to come home to a bunch of stuff that needs to get done. AGH! PLUS I still need to print up a bunch of Comics and pack and all that stuff! Ah well, I'll sleep on the bus to D.C. I guess...

Wish me luck!

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When I was an intern in the literary departments of a couple of different theater companies, one of my jobs was to do the rejection letters for playwrights who had sent us their work. We sent a lot of rejection letters, and typically I was the only one who handled them because the dramaturg had better things to do. But sometimes if a playwright was promising, then the dramaturg would want to add a personal note to the letter. It didn't happen that often, but it was always a good sign for the playwright.

So all this is to say - you definitely got the good kind of rejection. That letter wouldn't have been in that woman's hands at all if she didn't think your work was worthwhile. So, uh, a weird sort of way!

Laura Sep21

Alec, you FUCKING ROCKED that rejection letter! You ROCKED it so hard! In six months she'll see what madness she's UNLEASED!!!

aaron Sep21

Aaron- YEAHHHH!!!!!

Laura- thanks for the "insider info" :) I feel the same way, it's like, "YES! I got REJECTED!!!" I guess it's better than being IGNORED.

Alec Sep21


Just read a few comics I got from you Saturday at the SPX. Great stuff and you really are a super nice fella.

Curious....did you win for best mini?

wam Sep25

Thanks wam. Yeah! I did win the Ignatz award for Outstanding Minicomic. I'll post about it on here as soon as I can, but it just took me about 11 hours to get back to New York from Washington DC (because of the infamous CHINA TOWN BUS and approximently 100,000 war protesters) so it might take a while. I'll sum it up this way:

Yesterday was one of the BEST days of my life, today was one of the WORST! Traveling truly is HELLLLLLLLL.

Soon, SOON!

Alec Sep25


Yes... the bus was HELL. I should know... I was sitting right next to Alec. Let me sum up the busride in a few words... late, bumpy, claustrophobic, feces, annoying protesters. I'll let Alec tell you what I'm talking about.

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

Aaron Sep25


WAM Sep26

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