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Tue 10/18/2005

I know it's only Tuesday, but I am already getting the feeling that this week is going to kick my ass, AND HOW. It doesn't help that I'm going to be gone this weekend up to Vermont and it's MIDTERM EVALUATIONS at Pratt... Oh well, I'll catch up on my sleep on the 7 hour bus ride up North I guess!

So anyways, I thought I'd throw up a post to say I'm probably not going to post for a while. Hopefully I'll triumphantly return from Vermont next week with some exciting stories... Until then!

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Alec Longstreth... It's a voice from your past... Guess who. All right, it's Matt Van Winkle. Yeah, I live in NYC, just like my hero -- YOU. Awesome webpage. Any chance I could commision work from you?
Hope we can meet up soon -- I'm leaving the city in under 2 weeks for a West Coast stint of undetermined link.

MVduB Oct18

HOLY SHIT! MVW!!! Why didn't I know you were in New York??? I'm going to email you right now!

Alec Oct18

Now that Alec is not going to be around, let's talk about him behind his back. Who's got dirt?

greg Oct20

Where you going to be on the west coast, mvw?

gcb Oct20

Hey New York Kids should turn out for the awesome PANELISTS show at Giant Robot New York Saturday night (6:30-10pm). Aaron and a bunch of other super-amazing Comics artists will be featured!

Alec Oct21

When I met Aaron at SPX he said he worked at Giant Robot, is this still the case?

I think he's actually NOT working there anymore, but he's still an "honorary member" or something. I just spent 3 hours there tonight helping him and the other GRNY guys hang a bunch of the art for the show (SO MUCH amazing stuff!)

Alec Oct22

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