25 and still alive...

Wed 10/6/2004

Well, I'm back from the Small Press Expo, which was EASILY the best comic convention I've ever attended. Not only did I sell a bunch of my Comics, but I also walked away with about 100 AMAZING mini-comics without spending a dollar. Trading Comics is my favorite thing ever. Woo! Also, PHASE 7 was briefly mentioned in this article about SPX that ran on USA Today's website. Also check out "Hey 4-Eyes" this incredible zine that I was lucky enough to contribute to.

I am feeling incredibly inspired after seeing all the great things that people are making, which is just what I need as I prepare to sit down and start chapter two of BASEWOOD. I'm wrapping up the scripting process and will jump back into the drawing routine starting next Monday.

Oh yeah...and also I turned 25. So... A QUARTER-CENTURY OF ALEC! Agggh. I'm feeling old... But I guess that's how it goes...

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