Sun 11/27/2005

Let me tell you, it has been REALLY nice having a few days off for Thanksgiving. It really gave me a chance to get caught up on my school work (and SLEEP); a chance to catch my breath before heading into the final fray of this semester.

Thanksgiving itself was pretty mellow for this city boy. Kelly and Stephanie went crazy, cooking for like two whole days to make a MASSIVE, delicious meal. We sat around with friends eating, talking and watching old movies. It was pretty awesome.

We went around the table and did the "what are you thankful for?" thing. A little cheesy, I know, but it was actually really reassuring. Most of us gave thanks for having a DIRECTION in our lives, or something we were working towards. We all seemed to be in that weird age-range for our generation (mid to late 20s) where you start figuring out what you want to do with your life and have started down the path to accomplish those things. It's a nice change of pace after years of wandering around, not really knowing what to do.

Anyways, I also watched a bunch of old movies from the Library including "Gentleman's Agreement" which I really thought was a pretty amazing film, considering it was made in 1947 (it won the academy award for best picture in that year). People should check it out.

Well, that's about it for now. Gabe gets here in a week, hot off his 9 month walkabout, wandering all over Europe, so there should be some adventures to report soon enough...

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