Finals Fortnight

Sat 12/3/2005

Well there are two weeks of school left and things are really starting to heat up (FIGURATIVELY speaking--New York gets colder every day--it even SNOWED a little last night!)

It's actually really neat because a lot of my teachers are taking a "this is your final assignment, so do whatever you want" approach for the end of the semester. As a result, I'm REALLY excited about my final projects because that extra freedom allows me to make a lot more illustrations (and COMICS!) All these first semester classes are "mixed" with students from illustration, graphic design, interactive media, etc. etc. So we're all going to sort of "split up" and emphasize our areas of interest on these last pieces. It should be pretty cool.

The only downside is that I suddenly have FIVE big projects that I'm REALLY excited about and I want to do a really good job on ALL of them. So the next two weeks are going to be pretty crazy... (Especially when you consider that GABE arrives on Tuesday !!?!) So GOOD-BYE sleep and HELLO two-week-work-a-thon! Hopefully I'll have some cool stuff to show for it...

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a new mini comic perhaps?

jp Dec03

You guessed it JP! My art history paper is in Comics form and right now it's pushing 20 pages, so I think it will make a nice little mini. It's called "Documenting the Ordinary: depictions of everyday life throughout art history" and it examines as far back as the egyptians, all the way up to the invention of the camera in 1850, then focuses on Pop Art and ends with a profile on Norman Rockwell. I think it'll be a lot like The Dvorak Zine--very informational, but in a fun way!

It'll probably be PHASE 7 #011 (which will be out A LOT sooner than people realize... mwa ha haaa!) But still not for a few months... I gotta get PHASE 7 #006 done first!!!

Alec Dec03

Awesome! I'm very curious/anxious to see this art history paper comic.

Also, that Light and Color assignment with the dog stealing the car with tv, plant and dog food is really, really good. I liked it.

i personally enjoy "informational" art more than the artsy fartsy stuff. give me science! give me history! (gawd, if only my 15-yr-old self could see me now.. 'pff! DORK!')

i wish the dog woulda got away. all that food, just tossed about. sad!

nate Dec04

Thanks David! Yeah...if dogs knew how to drive we'd ALL be in trouble!

I hear what you are saying Nate. I definitely poke fun at "fine art" in this paper. When art gets too abstract and conceptual I have a really hard time appreciating it...

Alec Dec04

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