The First Star Wars "SAGA VIEWING"

Sat 12/10/2005

In 1998 I learned that George Lucas would be making the first three Episodes of the Star Wars, which would combine with Episodes Four, Five and Six (the "Classic Trilogy") to complete the saga. "Wow," I remember thinking, "I'll finally be able to watch the WHOLE Star Wars saga." Even at that early date I began planning my first "Saga Viewing."

Originally I thought this would occur during the theatrical release of Episode Three. I would watch Episodes One and Two at home, go to the theater, watch Episode Three and then go home and watch Four, Five and Six. This summer however, when the final chapter of Star Wars FINALLY made it to the silver screen, I never followed through with this plan.

Perhaps because Episode Three was such a downer? Or because all of my Star Wars friends are so scattered around the country (and/or world)? Or because I was too "busy"? Whatever the reason, it did not happen. I'm ashamed to say that I even bought the Episode III DVD when it was released on November 1st, thus OWNING ALL SIX MOVIES, yet I still did not attempt a Saga Viewing... Because of SCHOOL???

Well, to redeem myself, today, ON THE WEEKEND BEFORE MY LAST WEEK OF CLASSES WHEN ALL OF MY FINAL PROJECTS ARE DUE, I took the ENTIRE day off to watch the WHOLE Star Wars Saga. I mean, I've been working hard, right? I needed a break, Gabe is in town, (which doesn't happen often), and like I said, all the movies EXIST now, and I even own them all. We had lightsabers and food and water. What else is there? Nothing! It had to be done.

I have to tell you, I was a little worried going into this. I really thought it was going to be hard. I don't think I've ever watched more than THREE movies in one sitting and this was SIX movies, all of which are over two hours. With all of the added scenes on the DVD versions it is almost 14 hours of film. Were we going to get burned out? Was my back going to be killing me, sitting all day? Would I get a crippling headache? Would we fall asleep? Would we lose interest?

The truth of it is though, that it was EASY. LAUGHABLY easy. We started at 9:00am this morning with Episode One and started each succesive movie two and a half hours after that, at regular intervals, usually with a 10 or 15 minute break inbetween, ending exactly at midnight. And it was EXTREMELY enjoyable. Let's face it: Episode One is the worst movie and we got that out of the way right off the bat. Episode Two is better, Three even better, and then the Classic Trilogy is all fantastic. It's an awesome sequence. And being able to finally watch the whole thing as one continuous story was really amazing.

We laughed, I cried, we read the crawl text out loud, high-fived at all the super awesome parts, sang along to the score and cheered each time STAR WARS burst onto the screen. It was a really great day... my first Saga Viewing, but definitely not my last.

Mind interjects: Holy shit I have so much fucking homework to do tomorrow! WHAT AM I DOING? AGGGGGGGH!!!

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wow, i'm impressed that you guys pulled that off. and sorry (?) i wasn't there to watch. ..
ok, i wouldn't have watched all six movies. and i would have asked questions and you would have made me leave.
but, great photo!

steph Dec11

A few weeks ago my boyfriend Adam found out that one of his friends had never seen a SINGLE Star Wars movie, to which he was all "What the fuck are you talking about??" And so they did the same all-six-in-one-sitting marathon. I happened to run into them during their "fresh air and sunlight" break, looking a bit shell shocked.

I admit, I've still never seen Return of the Jedi. Or Episode Two. Or Three. I'm just going to stop typing now, before someone makes me sit down and watch all six at once...

Laura Dec12

That is a great idea. I am going to try and do the same thing with the Legally Blonde saga.

hot toddy Dec12

I love the reptile/typography project you posted. That alligator is awesome! Along with the dogs from Basewood and the light, color, design project, I've concluded that you draw great cartoon animals. I'd love to see an animal comic from you in the future.

greg Dec12

Thanks Greg! I'll put it on the list... :) Knowing my tastes it would probably end up being about Turtles or Chickens...

Alec Dec12

Turtles vs Chickens in an epic battle to the death! Now there's a comic I want to read! Forget finals, get to work on that.

greg Dec13

Congradulations on your achievement, Alec!

I tried (and failed) a similar event with my friend Jim over a t00-croweded holiday weekend. We only made it to the first of the classic trilogy before succumbing to family pressures (my sister, on orders from my so-called mother, actually hid the rest of the classic trilogy until the end of the weekend).

However, you have not completed your final trials... You have to do it again, but include the Clone Wars adventures from Cartoon Network. They really fill out the story between chapter II and chapter III, and add so much to the experience (and, I think, three hours).

I know the force will be strong enough in you to complete this final adventure someday. Good luck, on star wars and on school. Awesome picture.

Matt Dec13

Clone Wars! SWEET! I think this is a rad idea, but I ran it by Gabe and he pointed out that if we add "extras" (beyond the original movies) we could probably sit in front of the TV for THREE DAYS (All the DVD extras and documentaries, Star Wars christmas special, the two ewok movies, etc. etc.)

But who knows... I'm definitely going to do another Saga Viewing at some point, so maybe I can sneak them in there. :)

Alec Dec13

How could you leave out the ewok movies? I'm disgusted!

Did those ever come out on DVD? If so, I gotta hook that up. "Battle For Endor" was like my ALL TIME favorite movie when I was a kid. We had a VHS recording of it from when it was on TV one christmas. TEEK (who could run really fast)??? Fucking SWEET!!!

Alec Dec13

Man... the ewok movies were baaaad bombin. David, I'm going to exact revenge on you if my next saga viewing with alec has to include them.


gcb Dec17

Gabe, you gotta get with it man, Teek is the new Jar-Jar. He's THE WHOLE F'N SHOW!!!

Alec Dec18

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