A non-traditional xmas

Sun 12/25/2005

Well thankfully the MTA employees are back on the job, so my trip home to New York should be nice and easy. It's been so great being back in Seattle for a bit. Walking through the woods in the rain with my dog is just what I need after all those months racing around the concrete jungle of New York.

Greg (aka Clutch McBastard), who is quite possibly the nicest guy alive, drove up to Seattle on Thursday, just to hang out and say hello. As luck would have it, Gabe was heading up to Seattle that same day, so I put the two of them in touch and by the time they showed up in Seattle it was like they were old friends. Greg and I spent most of the afternoon talking about Comics and self-publishing and our various upcoming projects. Let me tell you, there are some really exciting things on the way from Greg's Tugboat Press. Then we all went out for Thai Food and Ice Cream, which was super awesome.

That same night my parents had arranged a phone call all the way to Asmara, Eritrea where my sister Courtney is stationed with the VSO. It was 9:00pm for us in Seattle and 8:00am the next morning for her. Since my parents have more regular contact with Courtney, they let Galen and I talk to her by ourselves. I hadn't heard Courtney's voice in over a YEAR. (?!) We talked for more than an HOUR, which used up the rest of my parents $40 phone card. It was really nice to talk to her though--she is doing the most amazing work over there--training teachers, creating libraries, REALLY changing lives.

It's been kind of a weird Christmas here at my parent's house. My dad (who is a doctor) is on call 24 hours a day for this whole month, which means he has to work on Christmas day. When we were kids and he had to work on Christmas we would wake up at like 5:00am to open presents before he had to go to work. But now that we're all "grown up" (pfffff) we decided to just open the presents all week long (sort of like Hanukkah) so there would be very little to do Christmas morning.

And somehow, breaking down that one tradition opened the door to breaking down ALL of the traditions. For instance, usually my Mom cooks a big fancy meal for our Christmas Eve dinner, but this year Galen and I made a whole bunch of vegetarian SUSHI, Miso Soup and Potstickers. :) I came pretty close to ruining christmas by somehow magically overcooking AND undercooking the rice (???) but Galen saved the day by making a properly cooked second batch.

It's been really nice being home and seeing my family, but I'm also REALLY excited to get back to New York. I always fill up my "free time" with too many projects and this break will probably be no different. I DEFINITELY need to finish off the second Chapter of Basewood, but I'm also hoping to do my 5th 24-hour Comic, complete my second cardboard chair, finish The Dvorak Zine website, and wrap up a bunch of miscellaneous side-projects. I want to finish 2005 with some seriously shortened to-do lists!!!

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Alec, I did it! I just finished my first 24-hour comic. It's all about cartooning, riding bikes and making-out. I think it's probably awful, but it's all about the experience, right?
I look forward to reading your 5th.

Robyn Dec28

Holy Crap! That's AWESOME Robyn!!! It's TOTALLY about the experience, I wouldn't sweat the end product. Are you going to put it up online anywhere? If not, please send me a copy, I'd love to see it!

Alec Dec28

That plate of sushi makes me drool all over my keyboard. It's almost obscene -- sooo much suuuushi. Sorry I couldn't make it Alec.. Soon Bok and I totally wanted to see you but alas, we ended up smothered in ham and roast with the fam.

nate Dec30

Yeah, we missed you in Seattle! Really it's my fault. Next time I'm on the West Coast I will try to make it a longer visit so that I can duck down to Portland for a few days and say hi and hang out for a bit.

I just really needed to get back to New York so that I could FINISH Basewood Chapter Two! Speaking of which, I better get back to it!

Alec Dec30

Hi Alec, This is Daniel from Asmara; please send my best to Courtney.

Daniel Mar24

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