2005? PFFF.

Sat 12/31/2005

I was invited to a New Years Eve party tonight and for the last few days I have been hemming and hawing, trying to figure out if I should go or not. In general, I don't usually enjoy parties that much because I usually get pretty uncomfortable. And at NEW YEARS parties specifically, I get totally bummed out. I usually get all nostalgic about the year that has passed and I end up sneaking away a half hour or so before midnight to go for a walk by myself, to think about everything I've learned this year and what I hope to accomplish in the next one.

I know it's important to do that, because the only way to improve yourself (and to not repeat your mistakes) is to examine what you did in the past, figure out what you did right and wrong and then change your behavior accordingly for the future. But it seems like I spent SO MUCH of this year looking to my past, getting bogged down in memories and things gone by. And the past is PAST, you know? There's nothing I can do about all that stuff. It's over and done with!

So instead, I am going to finish out this year IN THE PRESENT. (Afterall, it is always NOW). And at the present, I am working very hard on finishing the second chapter of Basewood, which will be the sixth issue of my comic book, PHASE 7. In the last 5 days I have spent just over 40 hours working on it, penciling two pages and inking three. I have five remaining pages, which I am confident I can finish off before I have to head back to school on the 17th.

Maybe it's just cowardice, for not wanting to go to the party (sorry Heidi!) but I think it will be better to work on something NOW, that I KNOW will make me happy in the FUTURE than to get sad, feeling uncomfortable, and ending this year looking backwards.

So...happy new year? UH...

Oh--I almost forgot--THE TURTLE! At SPX this year, my amazing friends made a minicomic about me, called "Vote Longstreth!" (for my Ignatz Nomination). Greg, who put it all together, asked JP Coovert to draw a picture of me "doing something strange" for the back cover.

So JP drew this awesome picture of me, riding atop a huge turtle, screaming at a giant squid. (Thanks JP!) At first I just thought it was really funny drawing. But at some point, I realized the image of riding a turtle, screaming was somehow very appropriate...

See, drawing Comics (or at least the way that I draw Comics) is this very brutal, grueling test of endurance. You have to have a very clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish, but that's not enough. After you have your story, there are COUNTLESS hours upon hours that you have to sit through--drawing and inking--to bring your vision to life. I sometimes try to describe this to people by saying, "DRAWING Comics is like running a marathon, READING them is like a sprint." But I like this image so much more. On one hand, I'm on my faithful steed, charging off into battle, full of vim and vigor. But on the other hand, my steed is a TURTLE, who is slowly (but SURELY) moving forward towards my goal.

Enough blabbering, I need to get back to the drawing board!
Happy New Year everyone! May 2006 be a good one for us all.

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Awesome illustration! You ride that turtle! Oh, and happy new year!


That looks so awesome man! Thanks!

Your trusted turtle steed should look happy though, I mean, adventure with Alec!

JP Jan02

HEY EVERYBODY! I'm in Brooklyn and Aaron and I completed our 24 hour comic last night (in 25 hours)

It's called "CRISPY GINGER CRUMPLES" and it will be up later today!


Alec Jan03

Alec, I want to see your "Crispy Ginger Crumples"

Aaron "24 Hour Party People " Renier Jan03

It's ok that you didn't come to the party (since we ended up moving it because of small turnout)! Just checked out CRISPY GINGER CRUMBLES. awesome work, as always!

Heidi Jan04

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