Sun 1/15/2006

Well, I'm back from Boston, where I had a really great weekend! I was sort of bummed that I hadn't finished Basewood chapter two before I left, but I soon forgot about that as it felt so great to get out from behind my drafting table and away from New York! (after a pretty intense two weeks of drawing)

Read on for my account of all the good times... or if you only have a few minutes, your time would probably be better spent reading about Gabe and Grizzo wreaking havoc in JAPAN!!!

Aaron and I had an easy four hour trip up on the chinatown bus (only $15!) and after a quick ride on the "T" we met up Liz Prince! It has only been in the last couple of years that I really started to make friends with other people who draw Comics, but there is something about that type of friendship that is really great. It's almost like drawing Comics is a way of LIFE, so when you are with other people who ALSO live that life, you feel connected somehow. All of this is to say that we didn't really have a PLAN or a bunch of things we wanted to do in Boston. We just sort of hung out and talked and laughed and wandered around and it was really fun.

Liz walked us around some really cool parts of Boston (or whatever it's called over there by Harvard) and we went on a mini hunt for TMNT #22 (yes, I'm a huge dork--no, I won't spell out TMNT if you don't know what it is) which was a good excuse to check out a BUNCH of Comic shops that were scattered around the area. Then we ate yummy Thai food for dinner and got HUGE ice cream cones! (REEEEERRRNNNNG!) If anything else happened after that, I don't remember it, because I was too sleepy/happy to notice. We ended up at Liz's place.

The next morning we all sort of lazily got up and decided we should go get some coffee for Aaron and Liz. By then though, it was POURING RAIN (in that awful East Coast way). So we scuttled off to the coffee shop and by the time we got there our clothes were soaked through. We hung out at the coffee shop and did three 3-way jam comics (So each person draws a panel in a sketchbook and then you all pass it to the left when you are done, until all three pages are filled!) We then crammed into one of those photobooths for the picture at the top.

We then dashed through the rain again, over to watch a movie at a second-run theater. Cheap and dry--woo! By the time we got out, the rain had mellowed down a bit. We went on a mission for socks for Aaron (his were soaked, with no back-ups) and ended up with ALL KINDS of crazy stuff including Valentine's Lady Magic Socks, Puppy and Kitten Fake Tatoos, "Energy" Jelly Beans and a tiny plastic reindeer that shits out candy. (???)

Then we met up with Robyn, who had made the trip down from The Center For Cartoon Studies in Vermont. We all wandered back to a shopping area and hung out for a bit before splitting up again for dinner.

Liz had picked an awesome Indian food restaurant where we met up with Terry and Chip--dear friends of my famiy, who used to live in Seattle but now live in Boston-- and Alex and Colleen, who I worked with the summer I was building sets up in Randolph, Vermont at Chandler Music Hall. I don't get to see Terry and Chip very often and I hadn't really spoken to Alex or Colleen in YEARS, so it was good to catch up and hear what everyone had been up to.

After dinner we met back up with Robyn and then hung out waiting for Liz's boyfriend Kevin to get back from a party. With everyone all assembled Kevin drove us across town, through the rain, to go BOWLING. (Yeah!!!) I recently acquired a 16 pound bowling ball at a "white elephant" party, so I thought I should use a 16 pound ball to "try and get used to it" (ugh!) I had a lot of fun (as I usually do bowling) but the BEST part of the outing was when Kevin got a strike in the 10th frame... and then ANOTHER one... AND THEN ANOTHER ONE. (???!!!) A TURKEY in the TENTH FRAME! I mean how crazy is that? We were really freaking out.

AND THEN AARON BOWLED THREE STRIKES IN A ROW IN THE NEXT GAME ?????????! It was EPIC. I also bowled a 124, which I felt pretty good about, but there were no turkeys for me. I also had one PERFECT throw, which felt really great. Rolling Thunder!

Somehow by the time we were done it was like 2am. We all went back to Kevin's place to crash, but before going to bed we had to document our winter beards... Specifically how Kevin's winter beard makes mine look like PEACH FUZZ. Talk about Grizzly Adams! Ah well, I couldn't lose to a nicer guy. :)

We kind of said our good-byes that night and then Aaron and I snuck out early the next morning to head back to New York. We got a bit lost in the FREEZING COLD WIND AND SNOW (winter! hooray!) but some kindly Bostonians pointed us in the right direction. So now I'm back, with one and a half days before school starts... Hopefully it'll be enough time to FIIIIIIINALLY finish off Basewood Chapter Two!

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Wow, as soon as you mentioned TMNT #22, I thought, "Wait... I think I have that issue!" Then I went upstairs and found my short stack of old TMNT comix... but alas, I instead had issue #23.

Plus I feel like a total dork now. Not that I had that many cool points to begin with.

Anyway, just thought I'd share the TMNT love...

Jason R. Jan18

Well, and if we're going to be dorks, we might as well go WHOLE HOG, right?

I was actually looking for TMNT #22 vol. 4 (the new ones) which I am keeping up with. But coincidently, TMNT #22 from vol. 1 is probably one of my all-time favorite single issues of comics and EASILY the best issue of TMNT ever. Talk about a well paced fight scene. Also--the best inks Eastman has ever thrown down. It was all downhill after that...

I only have two issues of vol. 1 that I'm missing... but I have the other SIXTY (or whatever) even though most of them are horrible. I'll get to vol. 2 eventually (in color? weird) I have absolutely no intrest in vol. 3 (cyborg arms and eyes and stuff? pfff.) and vol. 4 is going great so far, if only I hadn't missed #22!

TMNT love! YEAH!!!

Alec Jan18

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