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Sun 1/29/2006

I've officially had each of my classes at least once now. And I have some REALLY great classes and teachers this semester. There seems to be a focus on larger projects this semester (or at least a LONGER ammount of time spent on each project) so there might not be as many assignments posted.

Besides school, it's been kind of a SELF-PUBLISHING week. After a HUGE hassle with about 5 different Kinkos locations and the varying degree of incompetency exhibited by their employees, I decided to get Basewood Chapter 2 scanned at a company that specializes in oversized document scanning. It wasn't cheap, but it was done correctly and very carefully, so I felt pretty good about that. (I get REALLY nervous when my original art is out of the apartment...) I actually hung out in the office and addressed P7 mailing envelopes while they scanned it on Thursday. Which reminds me...

If you are a PHASE 7 subscriber and you have recently MOVED please email me your new mailing address!!! P7 #006 will be mailed out soon!

So Thursday afternoon I checked out some printers, found one I liked (thanks Matt for the recommendation!) and then stayed up until 3:30am doing all the layout for the book. I slept for a few hours, went to my morning class and then dropped off the files at the printers. So it's out of my hands! (GULP--always the most nervewracking part for me--let's hope they don't screw it up!) I should have a proof to approve by Tuesday and then it's a 5-day turnaround for my 300 copies of P7 #006! WOO!

Other than that I've just been working on Homework and chipping away at my backlog of correspondence and to-do list stuff. This morning I actually woke up really early and had the sudden impulse to build a whole DATABASE for the Phase 7 subscriber list. (See picture above for the template). It's totally dorky, but REALLY COOL because it took me over an hour to address all of the envelopes this time around, so next time I'll be able to select "Name" and "Current Address" and hit PRINT. (UHN!) I'm working on making an "Alec's Handwriting" font so it won't be so impersonal and computerized, but it sure will help me save time and stay organized! It's funny--I've done SO MUCH data entry in my temp work, but when it's for my own "company" I'm really excited about it! :P

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That sounds very cool Alec. The printing process is always a very exciting time. Nothing like having a freshly printed book in your hands. Does the printer you chose offer high quality photo-copies rather than offset? What software did you use to do your database? File Maker Pro?

Cameron Chesney Jan30

Yeah...I couldn't afford to do offset this time around so it will be high quality photocopies. I'm really interested to see the proof and the quality difference. I've seen some of their printing samples and the photocopied blacks actually look a lot darker... but we'll see how it holds up over time...

For the database I'm actually using the built-in database tool in AppleWorks 6.0 which I found on my computer (who knew!) It behaves a lot like Micro$oft Acce$$, which I had to take a course on in college for my Computer Science minor. SIX years later, it's paying off!

Alec Jan30

what's the difference between "HIGH quality" photocopies and regular ones? I'm very curious.

I haven't been able to find a printer that will actually offset print my book here in Savannah for a resonable price. $700 bucks for 300 books is the lowest price, yikes!

Let me know!

jp Feb01

Here's my idea for your Absolut homework assignment: "Absolut Absolution" with the image of god's hand coming down from heaven and blessing the bottle of cheap vodka.

greg Feb01

JP- I think "HIGH quality" photocopying simply means that they print from my digital file (an InDesign layout that references 600dpi bitmap TIFF files) instead of a piece of paper you lay on a piece of glass. But really I don't know. I only said "high quality" because Cam did... and because I'm hoping that's what they'll be!

$700 does seem a little high for a 24-page book... are you just getting the guts printed? (with no stapling, etc--and then putting the silk-screened covers on yourself?)

Greg-Alas, like most of our assignments, there were a bunch of constraints and themes which we had to work within. So I'm afraid my final illustration will be much less clever than your idea... but I should be working on it today, so hopefully you can see it soon!

Alec Feb01

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