A week of wackiness

Sun 2/12/2006

This past week seemed REALLY crazy, like I had all these extra things I was trying to "keep up in the air" besides my normal workload (hence this drawing).

I think juggling is an interesting analogy for being busy... I actually did a LOT of juggling in middle school and high school with my friend Ryan Kirkby. And I found that juggling A LOT of objects is not really hard, as long as all of the objects are the same. When juggling five balls, your arms just find a rhythm and you lock into it and you don't actually have to THINK about where all five objects are. (Like being in my "regular" schedule, which is pretty busy, but I'm used to it).

It's when you include one object that is heavier or more awkward than the others that you actually have to keep track of where it is in the order, so you can prepare to exert the extra force necessary to push the object up, or to grab its handle.

That awkward object this week was PHASE 7 #006. (Which is now available for ordering over in the Comics Section!)

Monday I had screwed up and dropped my film off at a place that kept it overnight. And I needed it by 6pm for my photography class. So I had to zip all the way down to Chinatown to pick up the negatives from the processing center and then get BACK to Pratt in time for class (pfew!) This week I'm going to find a place that does developing in-house in like AN HOUR.

Tuesday I had to dash home after class for a phone-meeting with an illustration client about some ads I'm going to be drawing for them. (Cartoons, which are going to be REALLY fun to draw I think!)

Wednesday, as was previously described, PHASE 7 #006 came back from the printer, Aaron helped me lug them all home and then I was up until 3am stuffing envelopes and working on the P7 subscriber database (which is SO COOL).

Thursday I woke up at 8am to finish addressing envelopes and had to make three separate trips to the post office to send off various shipments of P7 #006. Then that night I went out to Queens to record an interview for Indie Spinner Rack and ended up staying for a SECOND episode because we were having such a good time. One or both of those should be up some time next week...

Friday after class I met with the extremely talented Richard Hahn to once again check out the Pratt Comics art show and then we had a nice lunch and chatted about Comics. It's really cool to admire someone's work for a long time and then to get to hang out with them, let me tell you.

Saturday morning I woke up early to meet with fellow New York cartoonist Cameron Chesney to give him some pointers on setting up his soon-to-be website. As I prattled on about the importance of organizing a website's file structure, I realized that I too was long overdue for some reorganization here at a-l.com and subsequently spent much of the weekend changing things on my site.

Of course, NATE did most of the fancy stuff for me, like changing the color schemes of the different sections of the site, putting up some new links and fixing some display problems in the illustration section. Most of MY work was "behind the scenes" organizing countless images into countable folders. It will pay off in the years to come though, as things are a lot "cleaner" now.

Probably the most EXCITING thing is that I added a BUNCH of Comics for reading in the Comics section including ALL of issues #001-#004. I sent away the last "first edition" copy of #003 this week, so I figure they are BASICALLY "out of print." I can still print up hard copies for people, but now you can also just read them online. Hopefully that'll mean less folding and stapling for me (and fewer DEAD TREES). Also, I knocked down the price for issues #001 and #002 to $1 to try and get rid of this last stack of them.

Lastly, Liz Prince turned up this weekend from Boston, so I got a chance to hang out with her and some of her friends which was cool. I was kind of in a grumpy mood (sorry Liz!) due to being pretty tired and busy. But the place where we ate dinner played "Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars" which managed to turn my frown upside down.

Then Sunday it snowed SO MUCH and I just stayed inside all day, doing homework, figuring out my tax CRAP, and adding stuff to my website. It was nice to wake up to the sound of kids playing in the snow though, instead of people honking and yelling at eachother. Plus the city looks pretty silly burried in snow.

So yeah. A busy week, but a good one. I'm hoping I can "lay low" this week and get back into the groove of things. Maybe I can even find some time to draw REAL COMICS again instead of just filling up my sketchbook. ONWARDS!!!

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i just want to say your juggling picture is AWESOME.

erin reiner Feb13

That illustration is really great, Alec! I have patiently waiting for that "buy" button to appear next to Phase 7 #006 and now I shall patiently wait to get in the mail and then devour by reading.

Also, thanks for the very nice email about my minis from SPX ... sorry I haven't responded yet, I will try.

Thanks guys. The "buy" button is THERE! You might have to hit "reload" a few times on the Comics Page.

Alec Feb13

I really enjoy checking out your site every now and then. It's cool to look at what you've been doing in your other classes in addition to your personal things.

Thanks for commenting on my blog too, I should probably post more soon and I need to get crackin' with the comic stuff, you already started those subway sketches so I need to keep my end up.

Ajani! Feb14

Thanks again for all of your excellent pointers Alec! Hopefully my site will be up and running very soon. Phase 7 #006 was superb! I've read it over 3 times now, and ran it past our 2 dinner guests Saturday night. You might have some new subscribers.

Cameron Chesney Feb14

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