Indie Spinner Rack

Sat 2/18/2006

Last week I did an hour long interview with the guys at Indie Spinner Rack, which is now online. It was a lot of fun, as we basically just dorked out about comics for an hour. Topics included: Phase 7, how I draw Comics, Star Wars, 24-hour comics, Nintendo, Graffiti and The Dvorak Zine. So if you've never heard me get REALLY excited about Comics, you should check it out! Also, I stuck around afterwards and helped them record the NEXT issue of Indie Spinner Rack, about the "Indie Starter Kit." So that'll probably be up in another week or so. Woo!

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My favorite part of the interview is the story about the old guy in a wheelchair reading your comic. Also the Frunch and Google guy story was cool. Great interview.

Greg Feb18

My favorite part of your interview was when you yelled "WOOTINI! WOOTINI!"

Aaron Feb18

I listened to indie spinner rack yesterday for the first time, (having no idea what it was really but I added it to my myspace account so I figured I'd check it out) and that interview was probably one of the funniest things I've ever heard. And despite the humor of it all, you inspired me to try out Mocca this year and make up some mini comics for the show, so, thanks for the inspiration man. I'll hopefully see you there and trade some books with you (or read through yours and wait for some freebies).

Wow, AWESOME Alex! You should totally get a mini-comic together for MoCCA. Even if you don't table, you could walk away from the event with a stack full of free (TRADED) minicomics! See you there!

Alec Feb19

Great interview Alec.
I really enjoyed it.

WAM Feb20

Excellent interview Alec. Thoroughly entertaining! I'm eager to hear what you have to say next week. Perhaps you should be a permanent part of the show...

Cameron Chesney Feb22

it was great to hear a fellow comic nerd totally geek out on the radio. It's like a wet dream, but not as messy.

julia Feb22

alec, a most enjoyable interview. you ROCK. in fact, you totally turned me on to indie spinner rack and have been listening to it all week. i have GOT to check out MOCCA . . . maybe i'll see you there. sweet.

patrick Feb23

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