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Sat 2/25/2006

It's been a pretty insane, atypical week for me. Within the span of the last seven days I went to a lecture, a zine reading, an art gallery, a comic book release party, out to dinner TWICE, hung out with visiting friends from out of town, went bowling (in NEW YORK CITY??!), met someone for coffee and drawing, went to the AWP drawing night in Brooklyn, wandered all over the city distributing Phase 7 #006, went to a play and will probably end up at that huge New York Comic Convention tomorrow. (Pfew!)

Most of you are probably saying "Woo! That's great! Alec is getting out of the apartment! Why doesn't he do that more often?" And the answer is that I just don't have TIME to be that social. The trade off for all of that activity was getting almost no sleep at all (four hours per night for three of those nights) and the only comics I've drawn have been scribbles in my sketchbook. Ugh!

You can see why people get addicted to New York though--there is a LOT going on, and if you WANTED to hang out and meet people every day you could easily do it. Not me though! I'm getting back to work...

The main thing I need to get done right now is these three one-panel gag cartoons I sold to Nickelodeon Magazine. (!!?!)

All of this came about because one night at AWP I talked to the super-hillarious, totally awesome Karen Sneider, who was working on some submissions for Nickelodeon. I thought about it a lot afterwards, thinking "Kids jokes... I could do that!"

Aaron helped put me in contact with the right people and somehow, like out of a dream, when I emailed them my ideas they responded by saying, "Alec! It's so weird that you submitted some gags. We were just reading Phase 7 in the office last week. We like your comics!" (??????!)

Looking at the small picture, it's a pretty big deal for me, as the Nick Mag has a readership of something like 1,000,000 kids and it's my first "big" client for illustration. Looking at the BIG picture, I have finally been redeemed for a lifetime of Bad Jokes, Puns and various other forms of Word Play. Those are suddenly "Marketable Skills" ;) So for all of you who have ever groaned at my bad jokes, or rolled your eyes at one of my puns: TAKE THAT!

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Alec, this Nickelodeon Magazine thing is pretty f-ing sweet!! Congratulations. Make sure to tell us which issue it is, so that those of us who collect your comics will be sure to add that to our Alec Library!

Tom Feb25

Will do Tom. Supposidly they collect a BUNCH of gags and then try to group them, depending on the issue's theme. So my gags could go up in the very NEXT issue, or they might not be used for MONTHS. Whenever they ARE printed, I'll definitely let people know!

Alec Feb25

*alec*, please use that line in a comic and sell it to some kids magazine instead of torturing me with it!

:P congrats on the deal!

gcb Feb27

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