For the Love of Comics!

Sun 2/26/2006

A few weeks ago I was able to QUADRUPLE the ammount of server space I have on So far I've put that space to good use, adding the first four ENTIRE issues of Phase 7 in the comics section for people to check out online.

And now, by popular demand, I've FINALLY added the lecture notes from the talk that Aaron and I gave at The Center For Cartoon Studies back in October.

It's called For the Love of Comics! and I should warn you that some of it might not make sense, since it was meant to go hand-in-hand with our lecture. Regardless, people wanted to check it out, so here it is at last!

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Right on, Alec! I've been waiting to have a look at this...

Cam Chesney Feb26

Alec, I have to tell you that looking at this and then listening to the the Indie Spinner Rack interview really fills in and reinforces each other. At least your end (now I need to listen to Aaron's episode of ISR!).

Robyn actually got me a copy of "For The Love Of Comics" when I visited CCS, and everyone there was talking about how awesome your presentation was. Between it and ISR, I feel like I got as close as I could without actually being there.

PS: I am TOTALLY going Dvorak after hearing ISR. I'm printing the simplified keyboard reference tent right now!!!

Mattyoung Feb27

I'm glad to hear that the lecture notes are dechipherable. I think there was actually a fair ammount of overlap in what I talked about at CCS and on ISR. And Dvorak? Go Matt GO!!!

Alec Feb27

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