March? MARCH!!!

Wed 3/1/2006

Well goddamnit, it's time to get back to work. I've sent Phase 7 #006 out to all the subscribers, put it in a bunch of stores in New York, handed out a bunch of comp copies to my favorite Comics artists and I'm sending out the street team issues on Thursday. I've already gotten back some very positive responses and a few extremely flattering letters to boot. In the past two weeks I've been "called out" four times... TOTAL STRANGER: "Aren't you ALEC LONGSTRETH?" in a restaurant, at a party, on the subway platform. Then to top it off, last week I sold some gags to Nickelodeon Magazine.

In short, my ego has been so inflated at this point that I can barely squeeze my fat head into the little room I inhabit. So it's time to let out some of the hot air and get back to work. Luckily, just as I was thinking along these lines, I got a phone call from the infamous Clutch McBastard...

Greg has been SO BUSY putting together all of his incredible upcoming Tugboat Press projects that he hasn't had much time to draw lately. Which is a real shame, because Greg's comics are AWESOME.

BUT! Whereas previously Greg had mostly worked in autobiography (his Clutch McBastard comics are NOT to be missed!) he now wanted to try and branch out into something a little more experimental. So he asked me to help him out with a self-induced challenge.

I was asked to come up with twenty-four RANDOM words. Then Greg is going to take one word per day and incorporate it into a page of comics, making one continuous 24-page story over the course of 24 days. I told Greg I would only do this IF he agreed to check in with me each day to make sure that I had scripted AT LEAST one page of Phase 7 #010. He accepted.

So this is it. Greg's got his drawing table out of storage and dusted off. He bought a bunch of bristol and some new pens. I've got a stack of scrap paper, an eraser and pencils a-plenty. Each day we're going to correspond via email to make sure that we're making progress... Wish us luck!

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can i get in on this action? i need to do roughly 24 more pages of brainfag10 for APE, and i could use some TASKMASTER LONGSTRETH whip-crackin myself..

nate Mar01

The more the merrier! Nate, I will send out an email at midnight East Coast time (or before I go to bed) describing my progress on that day. Then you need to respond to that email telling me of YOUR progress before you go to sleep.

Anyone else who wants to join this challenge please email me and I will CC you on the progress email.

Alec Mar01

send the email to david yoder please. he needs to work on comics and i'm sure he would do something completely awesome with this project!

haha, he's gonna hate me for this.

jp Mar01

Please count me in. I need some inspiration to start on my own comic.

WAM Mar01

yes! please cc me the progress. let us all make comics!

jonathan Mar01

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