Lunch Smunch

Sat 3/11/2006

As I've said many times before, I HATE food. Or more specifically, I hate that I have to EAT it. And lately I've been SO busy with school, and having to stop and eat always seems like a total nuisance.

But the other night I had this really great meal. For some reason, I didn't eat right when I got home from a really long day of school, and then I had to run all these errands. By 8pm I was SHAKING I was so hungry. I splurged and decided to eat out (which I almost NEVER do, because it's too expensive). And for that meal, I was REALLY excited to eat because I was so damn hungry. This fantastic meal made me examine my current eating habits...

On most days I skip breakfast entirely (which I have done for the last... 10 years?) I pack a small lunch, which I eat at school inbetween classes, and then when I get home I usually have a snack and then I make a quick dinner kind of late-ish a few hours before going to bed. So that's like 1.5 meals with a snack.

SO, I thought about it, and it seemed like with a little rearranging I might be able to improve my eating attitude. Namely, eat a lunch-sized BREAKFAST in the morning, eat a snack in the middle of the day (thus skipping lunch) and then be hungry as all hell for an early dinner. Still 1.5 meals with a snack, just in a different order.

So I bought some breakfast type foods this week and I've been trying this theory for two days now. So far it has produced a horrible stomachache that lasts most of the morning (Alec's Stomach: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GIVING ME FOOD THIS EARLY??? ARE YOU MAD?!) and then I have a pounding headache all afternoon until I eat dinner. HA!

BUT--being hungry in the afternoon has been kind of nice. I think about my dinner and what I'm going to make and how good it will be to eat, which is a total 180 polar-opposite reaction to my usual thougts of "Grrrrrr... I have to EAT again." And I've enjoyed my last two dinners probably more than any two consecutive meals I've had in a long time. A long time.

So I'm going to give it a try, at least for another week or so and see if my body (and mind) can adjust to the new schedule. We'll see how it goes!

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eating rules! I can't believe you find it to be a horrible chore... breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, especially to eat out.

Liz Mar12

Alec -
I wish I had your problem!! I love eating way too much . . . hence spending the last three years of my life being 40 lbs overweight!! Breakfast is great, but it doesn't need to be huge to be effective! Don't make yourself sick . . . OR just spread the same amount of food over more meals over the course of the morning . . . just some thoughts . . .

Tom Mar12

Wow, that's quite the problem, I wish I had it... I love to eat, and it is the one sure thing that can pull me away from the drawing board.

Cam Mar12

hate to chime in, but i'm a food-fiend. i am totally baffled by people who don't eat breakfast (or, even more baffling, those that have 2 cups of coffee and a few cigarettes for breakfast -- agh).

breakfast is definitely my favorite, sometimes being the only thing that coaxes me out of bed in the first place.

but i bet if i spent a half the time i do cooking & cleaning (with my new woowoo diet, i basically have to cook everything i eat) on drawing, i'd be at least twice as productive.

nate Mar12

Yeah Nate, but if you WERE twice as productive, you might end up HATING FOOD! ;)

Actually, your new woowoo diet is part of what made me want to try and improve my eating attitude. So thanks...

Alec Mar12

you weirdo. breakfast is the only reason for my life. I often eat two breakfasts. I'll start doing that more often so I can eat breakfast for you, thus saving you the time. It'll make me happy & you happy & the world will be a better place.

julia Mar13


I love ya, but this is stewpid. You're gonna drive yourself to an early grave with asinine eating habits, and we need at least another 295 more Phase 7's out of you! (Gotta one up Sim, right? Hehehe.) I took a nutrition class in undergrad and they said our 3 meal per day system is actually not the most efficient way to eat because your energy level spikes and dips with each meal. However, if you "graze" throughout the day (just eating little bits here and there) your energy level will be much more constant and be better for you in the long run. Just passing on some knowledge. Let's keep you around, my man! :)

Long live Alec (hopefully)!

Thanks for the tips Ryan, I think a grazing system might creep me out even more than meals though. Don't worry--I'm still alive! (Which is always what I say in these food discussions)

I don't know about one-upping Dave Sim. I'm pretty sure it can't be done. My goal is to reach P7 #100 before I die, so fingers crossed!

Alec Mar13

I'm with you on hating to have to eat food, but only when it comes to lunch. I hate lunch. I always end up making myself the same freaking turkey sandwich-and-an-apple combo every day or eating out and spending way too much money and time on my lunch break. I wish I could just take a pill or something that would give me my nutrients and make me not hungry. Lunch! Rarr!

Laura Mar13

YEAH! See, LAURA knows what's up!

Alec Mar13

I love FOOD! Give me your food Alec.

Aaron Mar15

Alec, I've never understood this about you and I never will. Food is a wonderful part of life, it brings pleasure, peace, and improves your mood.

Also, did you know that there's a bunch of information out there about human health that you can read? You don't have to figure everything out by performing disruptive experiments on your own body.



gcb Mar16

Yeah Gabe, but who's got time to READ all of that information? Not this cartoonist! :P

Man, nothing like a post about my eating habits to get everyone fired up!

Alec Mar16

we only post so much because we're all concerned about you, Alec! Drawing comics all day & eating delicious snacks should go hand in hand. If they don't, said cartoonist will wither and obtain the palor of death. Unsightly!
PS your package of comics is at the post office. apparently, it's too large to fit through the wee mail slot in my building, and I keep leaving handwritten notes to LEAVE IT ON THE GODDAMN STEPS but because I live in crackhead city (aka san franciso) the post office will not oblige. looks like I have a long, rainy bike ride ahead of me...

julia Mar16

Glad the Comics arrived Julia--sorry you have to make a trek to go get them. Hopefully it'll be worth it!

Alec Mar16

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