Tue 3/28/2006

My old buddy Ezra (from back in my Portland days) and his girlfriend Heather came out to New York for a few days from Chicago. It was really nice having them here as it gave me an excuse to get OUT of my little cave of a room and see some of the sights!

We got a tour of DC Comics headquarters (!!?!), visited The Society of Illustrators, Ground Zero (yikes...) and Lady Liberty (from Battery Park), we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Rocketship to drop off some Comics, Barcade to play some Star Wars and Supermario Brothers, hung out with Aaron and Beluga, watched some "My So Called Life," saw V for Vendetta (so good!) and ate SO MANY delicious meals at various restaurants around town. They also went to a show at the Knitting Factory one night while I stayed at home and did homework. It was a jam-packed visit!

I went back to school today and it felt kind of nice to be back in the routine of things. It sounds like I had a pretty tame Spring Break by comparison (lots of people traveled during the break). Ahh well. I got to see my friends and I put a pretty substantial dent in my massive TO-DO list. Good enough for me!

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Alec -
this sounds just like my Mom's current visit . . . all except for the knitting factory . . . I don't think that's my grandmother's scene. It's nice to get out and do stuff you only do with out of town guests.

Tom Mar29

I know what you are saying Tom. I couldn't believe I hadn't been down to Ground Zero yet (after living in New York City for almost TWO YEARS now). I've got some more friends coming to visit this summer, so hopefully I'll get a chance to see even MORE stuff that I need to take advantage of while I'm here.

I think I'm also going to a WEDDING this summer. That should be pretty cool...

Alec Mar30

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