Thu 4/13/2006

Well, I think it's safe to say that Spring has finally arrived in New York. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, where most of the trees are Coniferous, I'm always amazed to watch the deciduous trees in Central Park come to life again after a long Winter.

These blackened frames, which have been lifeless and stiff for the past 5 months suddenly start sprouting little green buds and flowers??? INCREDIBLE! When it rains you can almost FEEL the trees saying, "YES!" as they gulp up the water and turn it into leaves. It's crazy to think of all the complex systems inside a tree... It's got to be one of the most magical things on Earth.

Anyways, this is all to say that I've been going into Central Park a lot lately, just to sit and do homework with the trees, instead of with myself in my little room. I'm trying to take advantage of my close proximity to the park while I can, since I've finally decided that I need to move this summer (to Brooklyn?) or some other borough where I can pay the same rent (or less) and have MORE SPACE, which I desperately need.

I'm not going to think about that until school is over though. I've been on an AWFUL schedule lately; forgetting meals, getting crappy small ammounts of sleep, etc. etc. because of all my school work, freelance work and "side projects" (read: "PHASE 7"). It's getting REALLY close to the end of the year and I've got a TON of big assignments that are all going to be due at about the same time, which is pretty stressful. But whatever, I know I will survive! So I apologize in advance for any lack of updates or blog entries. School comes first, you know. Wish me luck!

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Hey Alec!

My friend Jessalyn is renting out a few rooms in her apartment in Park Slope staring in June. It sounds huge - she loves it. I think it's around $800/$850 per month.

If you're interested, she's on my friends list on MySpace.

Happy spring!

Laura Apr13

Thanks Laura!!!

Alec Apr13

portland has also been beautiful lately (in it's own, coniferous way). each year i forget (among other things) how the trees bloom -- not only is it purty to look at, it makes the city streets smell good.

spring is a mighty welcome occasion after a gloomy portland winter.

nate Apr13

Is that really how trees bloom? Is that creature Photosynthesis? I always wondered how that woked. Were you on DOPE when you drew that?

erin reiner Apr14

great illustration Alec.

WAM Apr14

oh boy! I love this illustration more than the hamburglar loves burgaling hamburgers

julia Apr14

That is a great illustration, Alec. Real clever idea.

Also, good luck with all your assignments and other business. When all is said and done, I bet the feeling of accomplishment will seem reward enough (though I'm sure I don't need to be telling you that).

Jason R. Apr15

school shmool. more phase 7!

jp Apr15

Wow, thanks everyone!
JP-- I couldn't agree more. I was just kind of typing this blog entry stream-of-consciousness style when I realized I had typed "Side Projects" to mean "Phase 7." I thought that was pretty upsetting. It's just sort of how things are right now though...

BUT! Even with my insanse school/freelance schedule I'm still penciling a page a day of P7 #010, which I'm projecting to have done by MoCCA (fingers crossed). So there WILL be more P7 on the way! (assuming I don't drop dead of exhaustion!)

Alec Apr15

found your "Scars" comic through google.
Thought it was fabulous.
Think you're fabulous.
How'd the scenic carpentry thing work for you? I'm in high school, and considering stagecraft/technical theater as a career option... but I'm not sure about the details much beyond "hey Katrina, you wanna build me another flat?" Care to share?

Katrina Apr19

Thanks Katrina! I quit being a scenic carpenter after about 6 years. I think if you are willing to live in a big city (L.A., New York or Chicago) it's a very viable career option. There is a lot of work in TV, Movies and Theatre. It's very physically demanding work though and can take a toll on your body (the main reason I gave it up--my BACK!) Also the schedule can be hectic (usually NOT 9-5 unless it's in an educational setting).

And even though I don't do it any more, I certainly don't regret the time I spent as a carpenter/welder. They are skills that will serve me well for the rest of my life (like someday when I own a HOUSE).

If you have more specific questions, feel free to drop me an email and I will do my best to answer. Thanks again for checking out my site!

Alec Apr19

You should buy a black light and invite Philip over to gaze at your new figure drawings... i bet your amazingly life like renderings will really COME TO LIFE. Awesome job Alec. We really should hang out soon. I will call YOU.

acorn reindeer Apr21

Hey it's Greta, from floponyourbellylikea....blogspot.com are you going to MoCCA?

Greta Apr23

Greta--heck yes I'm going to be at MoCCA!!! I'll be tabling with my really awesome friends Greg and Bwana. (We'll see you there!)

Also, you can always check out which cons I'll be going to over on the Comics page.

Alec Apr23

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