Year One: DONE!

Tue 5/9/2006

Well, I survived finals week and have finally completed my first year at Pratt Institute! All in all I'd say it was a pretty great year of school. I did a lot of hemming and hawing before I signed up for this program, but looking back, I think it was definitely the right decision for me. I learned a bunch of new skills, improved and honed skills I already had and made lots of new friends with students and faculty alike. I'm really excited about next year, but I'm also really excited to have the summer off, to work on other projects.

I AM going to take a little break (especially since I have been sick as a dog since Saturday--ugh!) but I've already got a TON of stuff on the docket for this Summer. Hilights include (but are not limited to):

For now though it's time to take it easy for a few days, catch up on some cleaning, correspondence and SLEEP!

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The MoCCA Art Fest is going to be so sweet. I'll have a table--I'd love to trade books!

Ben May09

Congrats on completing your first year Alec! See you at Mocca. Got a table too. I'm doing my first 24 hr comic this weekend, and really looking forward to it. Cheers to you!

what's your super secret summer job? i got one today... i'm not telling until you do!

heidi May11

Ben -- YES! See you there! We'll trade it up!

Cameron -- GOOD LUCK with the 24-hour comic!!!! You can do it!

Heidi -- Did you get the CMJ job???? (I'm going to be coloring my friend Aaron's next comic book, those links above are sample pages!)

Alec May11

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