24-hour comic #6

Fri 5/19/2006

Every year I try and do one 24-hour comic. And actually my 2005 24-hour comic, Crispy Ginger Crumples, was drawn on January 2nd of this year, because I didn't leave enough time for it in 2005. It's a bit tricky doing a 24 hour comic, because you kind of need to rest the day before (to prepare) and then you are pretty much WIPED OUT the day afterwards too.

SO ANYWAYS, I was looking at the rest of my year and realizing that it was going to be EXTREMELY busy. My summer is about to get really hectic (moving, working, houseguests, trips out of town) and my next semester of school promises to be the most stressful yet! So it seemed like it was kind of "now or never."

I think I came up with the idea to do the 24-hour comic last Sunday and then Thursday I sat down and did it. It's called "Daydream #0007" and it was my most "perfect" 24-hour comic yet--drawn from the moment the clock struck midnight until the moment the clock next struck midnight on Thursday May 18th. It was 24 pages and a cover.

And unfortunately I'm NOT going to be releasing it to the public....

In my sketchbook, I sometimes draw out my daydreams. Like if everything I wanted to happen could come true, then I draw it. And I number them with three zeros out in front sort of as a joke, like maybe when I die I'll have daydream #3,256 in one of my sketchbooks.

So my 7th daydream was this 24-hour comic. And originally I had every intention of printing it up. I was going to make it a new minicomic for MoCCA and everything. But it ended up being WAAAAAAY too personal to share with everyone. It's a funny thing actually, because none of it's REAL. But it has lots of real people in it, and things that I really want to happen. So it somehow becomes this very very personal thing. It's a strange mix of nostalgia, longing, hope and well, yeah. Daydreaming.

Anyways, I'm sorry this post is probably really aggrevating. I just don't feel comfortable publically sharing this story. There are a few people I really DO want to read it, and a few people I NEVER want to read it. So if you are ever at my house, ask, and I might let you read it, but I couldn't deal with it being on the internet, or having copies floating around. Sorry! This one was just for me.

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Alec - this will be coveted by all....

Stefan Grube May19

You little tease.

That's okay, historians will publish it after you die along with all your other "secret" comics and society as a whole will benefit.

Uh...yeah, sorry guys. I'm doing what I gotta do. If I die you can all definitely read it... In my will Aaron gets all of my original art, so you can bug HIM about it.

Alec May22

Good... good... all going acording to plan. My sniper brigade has surrounded your house and will be taking you out shortly Longstreth... then all will come to my house and pay HANDSOMELY for the secret comics... shit... i better get sleeping if i'm getting up at 7:30! Am I RIGHT? HEH?

acorn reindeer May22

Doesn't anyone ever write their 24 hour comic on the day anymore?

Owen May22

I think a lot of people still do 24-hour comics on the "official" 24-hour comic day, but it's important to remember that anyone can do a 24-hour comic at ANY time that works for them. The original challenge was developed more than TEN YEARS before the first 24-hour comics day and HUNDREDS of 24-hour comics were created before that day was even set up!

Alec May22

You are a dastardly man, Longstreth. How long can you keep it from us? How long...?

I guess only 4 years! This comic will be printed for the first time in my new 24-hour comic collection 24x7: A Decade of 24-Hour Comics

Alec Mar22

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