Creative Skin Issue #5

Wed 5/24/2006

The newest issue of the online art showcase Creative Skin is up and running!!! It's got about 20 pages of comics from my sketchbook as well as a ton of other awesome paintings, comics, stories, music and even POETRY by one of my best friends, Sudara (the artist formerly known as Mark S. Williams).

I've never publically shared ANYTHING from my sketchbooks, so this is a pretty exclusive look, if you are interested in that kind of stuff. I also drew three full-color pages of Comics just for Creative Skin. Everyone should go check it out!

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ok... Alec... this is PROOF that your sketchbook comics should be published so everyone can see them [excluding the really personal stuff of course].

i really loved reading thru all those pages man... i want more, desperately!

also, i'm very glad you are coloring aaron's book. i'd love to see phase 7 in color, that'd be pretty rockin'.

jp May24

Alec- These are great! The color ones are especially beautiful. Nice work.

jim May25

Geez louise! Those were some good comics, the color ones especially. I feel stupid for informing you of my journal comic when it seems you have been keeping one as well. And it seems you have the common sense (unlike me) not to show everything you do in your journals ... oh well.

Please DON'T feel stupid! The Creative Skin comics were the "cream of the crop" culled from almost two years of sketchbook drawings. The other 95% of my sketchbooks are hastily drawn scribbles and anecdotes!

(And thank JP and Jim--I'm glad you guys liked these!)

Alec May25

Really impressive, Alec. Keep up the awesome work.

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