Mon 5/29/2006

"What?" you say, "Summer doesn't start for another three weeks!" Well when the thermometer's screaming 86 and it's humid enough that I'm sweating at my drawing board, IT'S SUMMER.

I spent the last two weekends down in Philadelphia, hanging out with my sister Galen, helping her get moved out of her place. It was kind of stressful for her, which was probably good for me to see. It was like a moving "warm up" so I can begin to mentally prepare for my move to Brooklyn next month...

Galen was getting rid of a lot of stuff, so I snagged her old bike helmet, which meant that I could finally ride my new bike! (Well, "new" to ME, and FREE! thanks to Charlie). Sunday I biked through Central Park which was really really great. They close down all the roads to cars on the weekends, so it was a very stress-free, easy ride with great views of the park. I always forget what a great feeling it is to whoosh along on a bike. I've never been much of a biker, so it's good to try and get used to it again before I start biking around Brooklyn. I really want to become a confident bicyclist, because I'm going to try and never own a car ever again.

Anyways, I felt like my blog has been too "press releasey" lately so I just wanted to check in and say "hi." Life seems pretty great right now. I'm getting really excited for MoCCA which is less than two weeks away(?!) I've been printing up minicomics every day and I'm super excited to see all of my friends who are coming into town. It's going to RULE!

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