MoCCA 2006!

Mon 6/12/2006

Well, MoCCA has come and gone, and it was arguably the "best" show I've ever had.

Things started off a little rough on Saturday morning... Greg and I were waiting in line outside the Puck Building for set-up, when suddenly SHARDS OF BROKEN GLASS started pouring down on top of everyone. (???!) People looked up to see what was going on (BAD IDEA) so I screamed at them to NOT look up and then as a second wave of glass started coming down I screamed at the top of my lungs for whoever it was to please stop throwing glass on us because it was quite rude (using more "colorful" language, as you might imagine). I got a pretty nasty cut on my arm, but it felt good to yell as loud as I could, which I haven't done in a good long while.

The rest of the show was much less dramatic! Greg and I got set up next to the Family Style folks and we were quickly joined by Bwana. I feel like our table was really cool because we had such a wide range of stuff. While my comics are all black and white and pretty straight forward, Greg's Tugboat Press books have really high production values with beautiful letterpressed covers and Bwana's Grass Hut Corp goods were probably the most colorful, crazy things in the room!

Bwana and I never hung out that much in Portland, but MAN was it fun to share a table with him again this year! We were cracking eachother up the whole weekend. All three of us sold a bunch of stuff and got to see a TON of amazing artists and comics. Usually I go around and trade with as many people as I can, but this year I got just as many books just from trading at my own table! I'm so stoked to spend the next few months reading all the minicomics I got... Also, I bought the most beautiful print ever from Jordan Crane, which I'm really excited about.

I feel like this was an especially good show for me because it was the first covention I had been to since I won my Ignatz award. Plus a lot of people came up to me saying they had heard my Indie Spinner Rack Interview, or had read my post on MakeComicsForever blog about "The Schedule" or had seen my work on All that self-promotion seems to have paid off...

I was also totally flattered on Sunday when Owen showed up sporting his own custom PHASE 7 T-SHIRT!!! I think it's safe to say he's the very first Phase 7 "Superfan" :)

And so after a great weekend of Ego-inflation it's time to let the hot air out of my head and get back to work! Thanks to everyone who swung by to say hi or traded comics with me!!!

NEXT: Apartment hunting in New York... (ugggggggggggh!)

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so so jealous.... waah!!! wish i coulda been there! instead i'm in rainy portland watching bad scifi and running to the bathroom every five minutes.

nate Jun12

: ( We totally missed you this year Nate. They bought AIR CONDITIONERS so it was about 100 times cooler and more pleasant than last year... Next time! NEXT TIME!

Alec Jun12

I forgot to show you the back. It says "and BASEWOOD RULES TOO!"

Owen Kline Jun12

:) Thanks Owen. YOU rule!!!

Alec Jun13

Hey Alec! It was so great to finally meet you. Sorry I didn't get a chance to stop by your table, but I did send over all my non-cartoonist friends who were visiting just as fans and told them Phase 7 is "where it's at". Turns out my friend Derya (who claims she doesn't know much about comics) was already a fan of your work! Small world, right? Anyway, I haven't gotten a chance to go through the HUGE stack of comics I traded for this weekend with the help of the Trade button, but I will probably get to reading yours and all the others this weekend. Cheers!

I do rule, but Phase 7 CONQUERES!!!

Wow. I look so much like Yoko Ono in this picture...

Owen Kline Jun13

It was a great weekend! Worth every bit of trouble and turmoil. It was nice to meet Liz Baillie (thanks for the buttons Liz!). And I totally dug your cardboard comic rack Alec-- Great idea. I'm getting ready to relocate my family out to Vancouver in the next couple of weeks, so I totally can identify with the moving angst. It's been great meeting ya, Alec and I hope to keep in touch. I'll make sure I send you our new address. Don't want to miss the next Phase 7! Cheers.

Oh wow. It looked like so much fun, and it was so cool that Owen was there too!! I recently watched the Squid & the Whale and I'm already a massive fan of him and the film. I just wanna say that you rock, Owen!! =)

Dee~ Nov03

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