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Wed 6/21/2006

Sunday I found my new apartment. Monday my Mom and my sister Courtney arrived in New York for a lightning quick visit. Courtney has been in Eritrea for the last two years working for the VSO. She got back to the states about a week ago and my parents decided she should make a quick East Coast "tour" to see our grandparents before she starts work in a few weeks. (Both of my grandmothers are not doing very well...)

Anyways, we had a really nice lunch and then we came back to my apartment where Courtney showed me hundreds of photos from her time in Africa, which were SUPER incredible. It is crazy to think of all the people she met and things she saw and did that most of us will probably never experience... It would have been nice to spend more time with them, but Gabe's arrival was fast approaching and I still had tons of PACKING to do...

Gabe and I got some dinner and had a nice long conversation going for most of the night--catching up on old times while I packed (and during our spur-of-the-moment midnight trip to the new 5th Avenue Apple Store which was CRAZY AMAZING). It goes without saying that Gabe is one of my closest friends, but it never hurts to reinforce that relationship with a good long heart-to-heart. I am lucky to have him as a friend and it's always nice to reconnect after a long time apart.

And so this is it. After I post this blog entry I'm packing up my computer, getting a few hours of sleep and then heading uptown to get a Uhaul truck to move all my crap to Brooklyn. It's going to be QUITE an adventure driving in New York, I'm sure. My new place doesn't have a good internet connection (YET) so it might be a while until my next post, while I settle in...

Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement and to Kelly and all the 6C flatmates past and present for making it a great two years on 107th Street! BROOKLYN, HO!

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hey man,
i love your comics, but i feel like i should consult you before doing this. Would you be mad if i diid a comic in my next mini where the punchline is you getting hit in the head with a hammer, cartoon- style?

Charlie J. Jun22

Charlie - go for it (and send me a scan if you get a chance!)

Alec Jun23

Dude the Grubes are randomly in NYC today! Call us!!!

stefan Jun23

ACCCCCK! Stefan, I don't have internet at my place yet, so I din't get this message until just now (2 days too late...) :( I hope you guys had a great time in New York and I'm SO SORRY I missed you!

Alec Jun25

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