Le Dvorak Zine!

Sun 7/9/2006

Just a quick note to say that I have officially begun translating The Dvorak Zine into FRENCH (???!) This awesome guy Ivan emailed me out of the blue from France asking if I wanted to work on a French version of the zine. So he sends me a text file with a translation for each page and then I use that to build a new French page.

It's actually pretty cool. I took the original .TIFF files, erased all of the text and then I'm dropping in my custom handwriting font using InDesign. I'm feeling pretty darn confident with the program and with my typesetting abilities after my Typography class first semester!

Anyways, I think it's really funny to see a drawing of myself with FLUENT FRENCH coming out of a speech bubble. I'll post a link once the translation is complete (probably a few months from now...) Viva La Dvoark!!!

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Bwaaaaa, that's hilarious! I'd offer to do a translation, but I think the potential for improvement by using Dvorak to type Japanese is minimal. @_@

jetfuel Jul10

We are in the process of translating WYSLM into french, and it always makes me giggle to see my comics in another language. Plus the translated title has the word Pipi in it.

Liz Prince Jul12

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