Blog? What Blog?

Wed 11/10/2004

I've somehow forgotten how to keep a good weblog. It's strange to think that while in Austalia I would sometimes write the equivalent of a 20-page paper as ONE entry and now I sit down and think, "Hmmm...what could I write about?"

I guess one thing is that I FINALLY bought a scanner, so I was able to put some more drawings and paintings in the Portfolio section. It's just a couple of things from my sketchbook and the first two paintings of this series I'm working on, to try and improve my watercolor painting skills... Not much to look at, but maybe worth a click or two.

Other than that it's just been New York as usual... I go to my horrible barcode job, I come home and draw Comics, I watch the "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" teaser trailer a few times and then I try to go to sleep. Weekends are spent drawing, exploring New York, writing some letters and looking for a new job that I won't HATE. Life is okay...

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So I realized about half way through work today that I had PICTURES of my room here in New York. ..
Ugh... nevermind... Four more years? UUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH. : (