Summer's The Worst

Tue 7/25/2006

Sorry to complain, but this East Coast heat is killing me. I've officially hit that part of the Summer where I want Summer to be OVER. Every time I see a pair of my pants or a sweatshirt I think longingly of this Fall and the colder weather.

I'm sure there is some serious global warming going on this Summer (104 degrees in Portland???) But really, I haven't lived in New York long enough to accurately compare this Summer to any other. All I know is I hate waking up sweating, I hate walking around sweating, I hate being able to SEE the air, I hate feeling that awful heat-exhausted laziness all day. The bottom line is that I grew up in Seattle and I am just not built for heat and humidity. My body does not know how to handle it.

That all being said, I'm heading down to Atlanta, GA for a wedding this weekend. As you can see from this map of the states I've visited, it will be my first venture into the Southeast. I'm going in with a "whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" attitude.

Then I'll have a week back in New York to get Phase 7 #010 all folded, stapled and mailed out to the subscribers (it's at the printers now...) and then I'll have almost two whole weeks in the beautiful, humidity-free Pacific Northwest!

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tell me about it: it's been HOT here in pdx. nothing like the polluted-air-you-drink ala NY, but certainly miserable to my also-nw-acclimated self. (i grew up on the coast, much like seattle, albeit colder and more misty).

that's the thing i love about fall/winter: wrapping up in clothes. but it does suck for non-car existence.

Nate Jul26

What printer are you using this time, if I may ask?

I went to Space Camp in Alabama when I was younger.It was so humid outside that I felt as wet as if I'd just stepped out of the shower immidiately stepping out of the door. Mercifully, they kept the inside of the facility at a brisk (and starkly contrasting) 65 degrees.

Matt Jul27

Matt- I have to apologize, because I have a long and tortured relationship with anyone who was lucky enough to go to Space Camp.

GCB, Frunch and I had this whole thing: People who got to go to space camp should never be able to complain about anything for the rest of their lives. I mean, YOU WENT TO SPACE CAMP!!!?! You know????

But it's true it is truly disgusting down here! Humidity is the worst!

Alec Jul28

No debate there, it's like the most swesome thing ever. It's like "Hey, I got to try out heaven. It was awesome. You'd have loved it. doot-dee-doo."

Matt Jul30

SCAD has a thingey in Atlanta ... you should maybe check it out when you're there, or at least be aware of the eyesore.

Alas, I am already back from Atlanta, so I didn't get a chance to check out SCAD. I was pretty busy with the wedding all weekend, so I don't think I would have had time...

I forgot to answer your original question! I used Fray Offset Printing this time (though the book was laser printed) which was about 1/2 as expensive as Kanter Press (who I used for #006).

Also, I dug up a comic about the original incident that sparked the Space Camp jealousy. (Sorry about the bad quality--this was from before I knew how to use a scanner)

Alec Jul31

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