Safe and Sound in the Seattle Suburbs

Wed 8/9/2006

Well, after a long day of travel, I am finally back home in Washington. It's been 8 months since I was home, but (of course) it still feels really familiar. It felt so good to get off of the plane last night (after SEVEN HOURS of being cramped in there like a sardine) to step into the cool night air. This was my view this morning as I awoke at 5:30am (still on East Coast time...) Pine trees and clouds!

I used to talk about this a lot more when I first moved to New York, and I feel kind of bad saying it because it almost feels like bragging or something, but it feels SO GOOD to get OUT of New York. The air here smells FRAGRANT (trees, earth, water) compared to the STENCH of New York in summer (urine, moist garbage, sweat) and I couldn't feel better about the temperature (and total lack of humidity!)

New York is an incredible place to live, but I think it's also a really DIFFICULT place to live. I can feel myself starting to get really burned out on it, so I'm glad that I got to take this trip, as a "break" for a few days. I have SO MANY exciting things waiting for me when I head back to New York, so I want to really get the most out of this time away, so that I'll be able to fully enjoy them when I return!

Anyways, the blog is up and running and I'll try to keep in up-to-date with my West Coast goings-on. There's more to come!

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