Wed 8/16/2006

Well, I am back from an amazing weekend in beautiful Portland, Oregon. My sister Galen is in the process of moving to Portland, so on Friday night we hopped in the car, swung by Capitol Hill to pick up Kaz and then headed South for PDX!

The whole time we were in Portland we stayed with Greg, which was just awesome. Not only was it great to see him, but he has a rad apartment, he knows Portland like the back of his hand and he is a gracious host!

Saturday morning we woke up early to head downtown for The Portland Zine Symposium. It was SO GREAT! This is my fourth year coming to this event and it always manages to get me totally PUMPED about zines and minicomics! There are so many great people out there doing their own thing and self-publishing! It is super inspiring! I traded for a whole STACK of rad stuff that I can't wait to start digging through...

I got to see a lot of West coast comics people at the event whom I don't often get to see, as well as FRUNCH (who came up from Stanford just for the event!) and the GCB. It was the first time the three of us had been together since the completion of The Dvorak Zine

The weekend was mildly stressful, because I was trying to split my time between my Comics and Non-Comics friends, but I feel like I got to see everyone, even if it was only for a short while. It's always a little hectic trying to make plans to meet people, especially when my cell phone died (ACK).

Greg had managed to find an extra bike for me, so on Monday while Galen was out looking for an apartment, Greg, Kaz and I all biked up to the top of Mount Tabor, which was HARD but AWESOME!!! I stood on the spot where Frunch and Gwyn were married and we enjoyed the beautiful view of Portland (picture above!)

We then biked over to meet Nate at a coffee shop, where we sat and drew Comics. We were later joined by Robyn and Ken "Gabby" Dahl, which made our Comics posse complete! Somehow on the bike ride back to Greg's house I managed to fall over on my bike TWICE. Once from a COMPLETE STANDSTILL, sitting at a red light. (Now that takes TALENT!)

You can see more pictures of the weekend on the Flickr accounts of Robyn and Greg (whose pictures I stole for this blog entry!)

Anyways, it was a really great trip, but it made me miss Portland like mad. It's pretty hard to beat a sunny, breezy day riding around on bikes with your friends, sitting around drawing comics, eating good food, etc. etc. Thanks to everyone who hung out with me and made this such an awesome weekend!

I've got another week here in Seattle, which is going to be pretty darn busy by the looks of it. Somehow I have a whole bunch of projects that have piled up... I really need to get them off my plate before I get back to New York. Time to get crackin!

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The Dvorak Zine was utterly misleading; I didn't realize you were all varying heights!

jqln Aug19

;) Yeah, there was only so much space to work with, so I couldn't show the full height range of team Dvorak.

But in all fairness, I AM standing a step or two forward in this shot, so I appear slightly taller than I am. Frunch has got to be at least 6'-0" while GCB is a bit shorter (but he gets a few inches for that rockin' shmo-hawk!)

Alec Aug20

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