Rejuvenated, Ready to Return!

Tue 8/22/2006

Well, my time in the Pacific Northwest is pretty much up! Yesterday, at my request, my whole family went up into the Cascade Mountains to get some fresh air. I went swimming in a river (thawed snow = SO... COLD... ), hugged some MASSIVE old-growth trees, saw some beautiful hundred-foot waterfalls and hiked through the woods with my family.

It's been YEARS since I've gone out into real nature like that, and it felt REALLY great. Just the smell was triggering some major nostalgia from my childhood summers at camp, hiking through the woods, living outside.

The other thing it made me nostalgic for was BASEWOOD! Being in the deep woods, seeing all the trees and ferns and rocks, made me feel like I was in that story again. I miss drawing it so much! :( By the time I have P7 #011 done it will be almost A YEAR since I have put pen to paper for that story. It's kind of depressing, but in the long run I know this will help me get it done faster... I just have to stick to my plan!

All in all, I had a wonderful time being home, seeing friends and spending time with my family, but I am definitely ready to get back to New York. School starts in about a WEEK and I have a lot of other large projects waiting for me... I'm going to be a busy boy! (It will also be nice to be reunited with Jackee, as two weeks apart at the beginning of our relationship has been a little rough to say the least).

And so, with a little fresh air in my lungs I am ready to face another year in the Big City. Thanks to everyone who made this such a great trip! Brooklyn ho!

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is that a pic of you as a hobbit sans beard?

WAM Aug22

Yeah, I guess so! Although, Hobbits don't have to have beards do they? DWARVES are the ones with beards, right? ;)

Alec Aug24


Perhaps I was thinking of a gnome.

WAM Aug25

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