P7X available, ETC!

Wed 8/23/2006

I'm back in Brooklyn again with all of my stamps and envelopes, so Phase 7 #010 is finally available for mail ordering! I'll also be sending out the Street Team copies this week so you can check your local mini-comics shop in September for Phase 7 #010!

In other news, I've got another gag in this month's Nickelodeon Magazine (with the "BarnYard" cover). I also sold them another batch of one-panel gags which I am currently working on. I'm starting to feel like a "regular contributor" at this point... WOO!!!

I've got about a million things to take care of before school starts on MONDAY (????!) so I better get crackin! Keep checking back, as the updates should start coming fast and furious once school gets into full swing!

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