Thu 11/11/2004

So I realized about half way through work today that I had PICTURES of my room here in New York. I'm telling you, this scanner is a handy thing to have lying around! I'm too lazy to set up new-window popping action, so get ready to open these links yourself. BLAM!

1) FLOORPLAN - A really AWFUL scan (it's the best I could do!) of the floorplan I drew the first day I got here, to help me try and plan how I was going to set up my room. Thank god I learned how to draw a floorplan in college, eh? (Thanks Mike Grube!) scale: 3/4" = 1'-0" And the compass directions are "New Yorked" (meaning that "North" is New York North, which is for-real North-Northeast, etc.)

2) DRAFTING TABLE - Yeah, this is where I spend most of my time. I now have an old skanky rug underneath it though, so my constant movement in my rolly chair doesn't drive the downstairs neighbors crazy. Also, it's no big deal if I spill my ink!

3) WINDOW 1 - This window looks directly out at a BRICK WALL, which is pretty hillarious. It's probably 6 feet from my windowsill to the wall...and a seven-story drop to the ground.

4) WINDOW 2 - This window looks out into the courtyard between our building and the next one. This tree lost ALL of its leaves in one, very windy day. It's a little less pretty without them...

5) MY BED - I built this bed so that it could be my BED but also a sort of wrap-around bookcase. I'm all about saving space. It works pretty well.

Uh...and that's it. So, maybe that was interesting for some people? Yeah! I'll tell you this, it's small, but this room has got to be one of the best I've lived in. Check it out: FOUR walls, a DOOR that I can close when I want to, WINDOWS (???!) and I can stand up straight in the room. Hell, I even have to JUMP to touch the ceiling. And I don't have to climb a ladder or anything to get in here. Fantastic! Take THAT Los Angeles and Sydney and Seattle! (My Portland room still kicks New York's ass though).

Okay, bla bla bla, I'm off to draw Comics!

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