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Mon 9/4/2006

Well, I survived my first week of classes. MAN! This semester is going to be CRAAAAAZY!!!

It actually wasn't too bad this week because I didn't have any homework or projects yet. I took advantage of that extra time by coming home each night and coloring Aaron's book. I got four pages done this week, which was great, but I'm sure it'll be less once I have to keep up with my school work too... Oh well, I can only do my best to keep up with everything!

Speaking of school work, I FINALLY uploaded the back-log of General Drawing images from my first semester. (Originally I couldn't post them because I didn't have digital camera when I drew them). I also put up the first batch of stuff from THIS semester if people want to check them out.

Lindsay is in town this week for her birthday, which is really nice, except that I have barely had a chance to see her because I am so busy with school and work. Ugh! I guess Stephanie was in town too, though I didn't get to see her at all--sorry Steph!

This is what happens when I am in "work mode" I guess. Anyways, there should be a ton of updates on the way, so keep checking back!

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I just read through the Phase 7 #10 preview and I have to say that you and I seem to be twins. I'll be seeing you at SPX.

Oh and nice print. Linoleum?

Kristoffer! I'm so glad to hear that you will be at SPX again this year (DONGERY FORVER!!!) We will have to do some trading--I love your Comics!

The print was actually done on a styrafoam plate. (?!) You can read more about it HERE

Alec Sep07

Oh, I got to see you and lemme just say----I LOVE your new iCod. I miss you already. Wait, is this too personal to be up here? How about "I love your comics and stuff." And speaking of segues, I got a new printer with my MacBook, so that zine you've been pressuring me to make looks as though it may really happen. You're the only friend I have who peer pressures me into being creative and productive. That's fucking awesome.

L Sep09

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