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Sun 9/10/2006

This week really seemed to go by quickly. I guess that's what happens when you are SUPER BUSY.

Aaron posted a sample page from his next graphic novel up on his site for everyone to check out. It's standing side-by-side with a page from the original sample he used to pitch the story to Scholastic. I colored both pages and it gives you some idea of how freaking cool this book is going to be! It's the only page he's going to post, so get a mini sneak peak before the long wait...

Coloring has taken up a lot of my evenings this week, along with all of my homework which has really started to kick in. But I still managed to get out a little bit. Jackee and I went to the opening of the Michel Gondry exhibit at the Deitch Projects gallery. It was a big to-do (with a huge line around the block) and it had a bunch of amazing sets and props from his upcoming film The Science of Sleep, which I'm really excited to see.

We also went to Rocketship last night, where I got to talk to Scott McCloud a little and buy a copy of his new book "Making Comics." If you've read Phase 7 #010 you know he is one of my all-time Comics heroes, so that was a really cool experience for me.

Well, I better get back to work... I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive!!!

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Hey, responding to the message on myspace about Pratt. I'm probably going into undergrad, so I guess the experience is a huge difference. However, I was wondering if you knew about the internships at Pratt are like and things like that. I probably would major in something like animation (although I'd really have to work out my fears of the computer and photoshop). But what is the illustration program like? I had a taste of RISD's curriculum this summer, but I want to check out all of my options.

P.S- Good luck on the glasses front. I met you at MoCCA and had empathy for the whole wanting glasses thing.

Lauren Sep10

Lauren, I haven't had to do an internship through Pratt yet (although I will next semester!) but I've heard that they have a lot of good connections because Pratt is a pretty good school, so their alumni are scattered around the city in some pretty cool places.

The illustration program is intense, but also really awesome. The teachers really know their stuff and a lot of them are working professional illustrators, so they really know how to prepare us for the "real" world.

You can also get some idea of what the curriculum is like by digging through the illustration section which has my class work along with descriptions!

Alec Sep11

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