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Tue 9/26/2006

I was in a bad mood all weekend. Partially I think because the L train was down, which really made me feel stranded in Brooklyn (too much of a hassle to get into the city). Also it was about eighty degrees with humidity, which I thought we were so DONE with. Can it please just be Autumn?! But also I am just feeling kind of burned out on New York right now. Sometimes this place feels really claustrophobic...

These feelings were probably thrown into sharper relief as Jackee left for Peru early on Saturday morning. She's using a week of vacation to visit Lima, Cuzco, Lake Titicaca and Machu Pichu. Somehow she was able to rent a cell phone while she is down there, so I've actually been able to talk to her a few times using Skype. It sounds like she is having an amazing time, exploring strange new cities, wandering through the mountains, taking train rides along the rivers, meeting interesting people, practicing her Spanish, drawing a lot.

I won't pretend I'm not jealous. School has really started to pick up (as some of you might have noticed from my frequent "Pratt 3" updates in the Illustration Section). As much fun as I'm having in school, I've reached that point where I am starting to look forward to it being DONE so that I can focus more on my own projects. Anyways, I'm sure I'll miss it when it's gone, so I should make the most of it! I think it'll be better next semester when I'm not taking NINE CLASSES.

On top of all my work and stuff I realized the other day I need to start printing minicomics for SPX which is only a few weekends away. I'm also heading up to Vermont weekend after next to attend Charlotte's WEDDING (?!) It's going to feel SO GOOD to get out of the city!

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P.S. Jackee is back and has posted a huge, AWESOME blog entry about her trip to Peru with photos and drawings!

Alec Oct02

aww, thanks alec! peru is absolutely gorgeous... anyone should go who has the opportunity! the natural wonders of the earth are amazing, especially when a city is built right in the center of massive, towering mountains. the countryside, too, is idyllic. perhaps my next destination is... egypt? the grand canyon? taj mahal? victoria falls? italy?

jackee Oct03

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