Wed 9/27/2006

I guess by popular demand (???) I was asked to come back on the Indie Spinner Rack podcast.

So if you want to hear me dork out about comics for an HOUR, check out Indie Spinner Rack Issue 49.5 It was TONS of fun to record and will hopefully be fun to listen to as well!

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jp: james paul :D

jp Sep27

AHA! "James Paul" the secret is out!

P.S. I'm sorry to others whose names I murdered including Alexis Frederick-Frost, John Porcellino (I kept calling him John PorCHellino--ACK!) and Matthew Bernier whose name I not only screwed up, but I think I placed you in the wrong STATE. Sorry!!! It was all just coming off the top of my head...

Alec Sep27

Just wanted you to know I enjoyed your visit over at Indie Spinner Rack. I don't actually read a lot of comics anymore, but I still enjoy hearing what's new in the medium. Your work ethic is quite admirable, and I'm very interested to check out your website.

Mob Sep28

Thanks Mob! I hope you have a good time digging through my site. I've been told that you can waste quite a bit of time looking at all the stuff on here :)

Alec Sep28

our tables are next to eachother at SPX. BAD ASSS!!!

jp Oct01

Awesome! It'll be fun to hang out (I'm tabling with Greg too!) Uh... where is the tabling map? I couldn't find it on the SPX site...

Alec Oct01

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