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Mon 10/16/2006

Technically, I don't really have time to write a big blog entry right now, but I'm starting to realize that if I start putting stuff like this off, it is just going to get bigger and bigger and more intimidating and then it is never going to get done. So I'm just going to DO IT, so that I am on top of it and subsequent entries can be smaller and more managable.

So read on for a gigantic wrap-up of 1) Charlotte's Wedding and 2) SPX!

I got very little sleep two weeks ago, because I was trying to work ahead, because I knew I would be gone that weekend (and the next). My last class on Friday (10/6) went on a field trip to the Whitney Museum of Art. We were supposed to be there to check out the Picasso exhibit (a bunch of his art alongside other artist's work who he inspired). But I was more excited about the Edward Hopper exhibit--a WHOLE FLOOR of his work and preperatory sketches on the floor above. I did my required Picasso sketches and then ran upstairs. The Hopper exhibit totally blew my mind. It is the first time I have been totally excited by painting. The colors and composition and seeing all the work that went into each painting (COUNTLESS sketches) it was very inspiring.

I went straight from the Whitney to Grand Central Terminal where I met Jackee who got out of work early. Using the Advice of Kelly and Stephanie, we took the Metro North up to North White Plains and then rented a car there, instead of in the city. It was cheaper, plus I didn't have to drive in the city (THANK GOODNESS). We drove for the rest of the evening and made it up to Randolph by about midnight.

We were staying with my old friends the Bushas, who are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Jackee had never been to Vermont, so Pete walked her around their house in the morning, showing her their barn, garden, pond, beehives, workshop and the beautiful hills (mountains?) of Vermont. I got to see Dan after almost two years and meet his girlfriend Mary who was super nice. After a breakfast of pancakes and REAL maple syrup we got all dressed up for the wedding.

Charlotte and Ed got married up in Brookfield, VT which is a VERY small town outside of Randolph. They had a nice potluck lunch with tons of delicious food and then afterwards we all headed down to the pond to see Charlotte and Ed get married.

The service was really really nice. I thought the best part was that Charlotte and Ed tied their wedding rings together and passed them all around the service, to each person, who took hold of the rings and said a little something for the Bride and Groom (I said "WOO!"). After that we ate dessert and played games and just took it easy for the rest of the night. (As previously mentioned, Jackee put some images of the wedding up on Flickr).

On the way back to New York we swung through White River Junction, VT to see The Center For Cartoon Studies. We went out to breakfast with Gabby, Robyn and JP. It was really nice to see them and the school, which seems to be having a kick-ass second year!!! I really hope I can make it up there again sometime next semester.

Anyways, it was another crazy week back in New York, trying to make up for the lost weekend and trying to work AHEAD for the upcoming weekend which I would also miss (as well as the Friday I was going to SKIP!)

Thursday right after my last class, I dashed downtown and hopped on the Chinatown Bus. The driver was going like a maniac, so I got in to Washington D.C. pretty early, by 9:30 or so. Greg had rented a car and was nice enough to pick me up. And surprise! He had Kaz with him! We went and got some dinner, where Kaz and I had the final judging of our beard-growing contest... I won!!!

The next morning we all got up early and headed over to the convention center. It was a new venue for SPX this year and it was pretty cool. There was just one gigantic room, which I think was a lot nicer. (No jealously about the "better" rooms, etc.) It seemed a little slow on Friday, probably because people were in work, but I didn't mind, as I walked around trading with a ton of people and I picked up some stuff I was REALLY excited about, including The Mourning Star (which RUUUUUUUUULES!!!!!) by the afforementioned Kaz.

Unfortunately, I went a little crazy with the trading of my books, either that, or I just didn't bring enough! At the end of the first day, I only had 9 copies left of P7 #010 (I had brought 50...and traded or given away 36... whoops!) Those went fast on Saturday morning and then I quickly sold out of #006... and #004... and #003. By the end of the day I only had a stack of Dvorak Zines and some #005s. A good problem to have, I guess! Really, it was one of the best shows I've ever had and it was so cool to trade with people and see what everyone has been working on. Thanks to everyone who bought my comics or just stopped to talk and say hi. I had a blast at SPX!

After the second night we all went to the Ignatz awards, which was bizarrely held in this conference center. It felt like we were in the Wizengamot, trying Harry Potter or something! Anyways, Kaz didn't get "Best Debut" which we were sort of bummed about (but with the dozens of nominees in that catagory, it was a softened blow) but Gabby DID win Outstanding Minicomic for "Monsters"!!! (shown above accepting) I was really glad, because I think Gabby draws awesome Comics and "Monsters" is an amazing beginning to a really great story. I wouldn't have "passed my brick" to anyone else!

NOTE: All these SPX photos are stolen from Greg's awesome SPX Flickr Photoset that everyone should check out. Thanks for taking pictures Greg!

Kaz came with me back to New York, as he is doing a book signing at Giant Robot on Tuesday night to promote The Mourning Star. But sadly, he's hanging out with Aaron, as I am completely burried in work now that I am back. It's going to be a rough week trying to catch up on all the time I missed being away. It was worth it though! I just wish I wasn't feeling sick again (or still? Did I ever really get healthy?) UGH. If I can just make it to December I will be okay... Anyways, I better get back to it!

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Hey Alec, thanks again for the sketch you did in my "music" sketchbook. You can see it here.

Steve Mohundro Oct20

No sweat Steve! For some reason it's always really hard for me to do convention sketches. It makes it so much easier when someone has a theme! Hope you had a good time at SPX.

Alec Oct20

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