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Thu 10/19/2006

A couple quick things of interest (perhaps):

  1. Nate posted a GIGANTIC blog entry and HUNDREDS of amazing photos from his trip to Korea with Soon-Bok, which is still in progress.
  2. Speaking of photos... I've been using Flickr lately to look up visual reference instead of Google Image Search. There's probably not as MUCH stuff in Flickr, but the photos you DO find are of higher quality and there is something about getting images from other real people instead of some giant company that is nice...
  3. A week ago Gabe sent me a link to This YouTube video about a guy trying to give out free hugs. What he didn't realize is that the entire thing takes place in Sydney and all of the places he is hugging people (and getting his petitions signed) are the same places that I used to busk while living there in 2003. It was really a trip down memory lane for me to watch this video, so if anyone wants to imagine me playing my guitar on the streets of Sydney, check this out!
  4. After some server switching problems, Jackee's site is back up and running. She's cleaned up the design and added some new stuff to make it look SUPER sharp, as she is about to turn in her application for the Fabrica Arts Fellowship and they will no doubt be checking it out.

It's been a rough week so far, trying to catch up... and it's not over yet (UGH). I'm looking forward to this weekend though, so I can catch up on LIFE things, like laundry, groceries and cleaning up the disaster area that is my room. I guess that's it.

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